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I know it is silly but I feel a bit gutted to here about Steve Jobs today.   In the world of IT and inventions I wonder who will replace him .  Will Bill Gates go back to been inventive like he first was I really hope so as it was obvious Steve Jobs had loads of respect for Bill as they are and were  both inventors .   Whilst everyone likes to say one is better then the other , both men are genius.   

I saw an amazing interview with the two of them and it was clear the two where good friends and worked hard together.    Its was all media hype the two versing each other.     I have a funny feeling it will be a long time still we have someone like Steve Jobs again.  I really admired him as he worked so hard through the bad times when no one believed in Apple anymore.  I think Apple will be okay as he has been ill for a while.

Will this be a sign of industry getting lazy and uncompetive again . I hope not.  Steve Jobs also highlighted that you should never cut your advertising budget , that is what other companies did and they paid the price trying to catch up with Apple.  His forsight to see everyone going to an APPLE Store was brillant and I confess to spend many hours in there.   A major devasting loss to the world of IT

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I don't think you're being silly at all. The depth of feeling that has swelled up around the news has been incredible. In all my years as a technology journalist, I could never conceive of the day a computer company CEO would fill national papers, TV and radio with tributes; the outpourings on blogs and social media have been intense.

Jobs and his way of looking at and producing innovative technology really did affect people emotionally.

I was a little surprised by the prominence and warmth of Bill Gates' tributes. As a Mac customer and user since the 1990s I have to confess to the usual knee-jerk prejudice about the Microsoft founder.

Thanks, then, to AccountingWEB member JC who informed us via a comment on my own appreciation of the Apple founder's life and work about the time in 1997 when Microsoft made a $150m investment that helped keep Apple afloat shortly after Jobs rejoined the company (he was ousted nine years before and replaced by ex-PepsiCo CEO John Sculley).

Wired magazine reports that as part of the deal Microsoft gave assurances it would continue to support Office on the Mac and in return, Apple dropped a plagiarism suit over the Mac-alike look and feel of Microsoft Windows.

So there's quite a strong commercial basis for the personal bond between the two big rivals. It makes a striking contrast to the behaviour of Larry Ellison and Marc Benioff!

Hi John

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Hi John

Thanks for your comments.  He will be missed.  I don,t think members realise how much he changed the IT world.   Whats interesting is that companies have found themselves now having to write software for apple .  I never thought I would see the day SAGE Writing an app . 

I am surprised not to see more comments here,  but I have to say I am not surprised at Bill Gates warm comments JC is right Microsoft did help Steve Jobs.  I think that says more about him then anything else . Hence why I mentioned the respect and friendship they had.  This is a great video with the two men     Part one   Part two    Part three  Part four     Part five  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8   Part 9 (they keep their marriage secret)    Part 10    Part 11

Hope you enjoy.


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