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We're looking at developing a resource for students on AccountingWEB in the new year and wondered if the community had any ideas or suggestions.

The intitial idea is to create a ringfenced area of AccountingWEB where students will be welcomed to post the more basic "homework" type questions. We hope that this will create it's own community of students helping each other but also draw in the more magnanimous full AccountingWEB members to provide some guidance.

We'll also look to provide content to help students decide what sort of direction they want to take in their career (but again look to the community to contribute their own stories and experiences)

If anyone has any comments you think we should consider please let us know.

I'd be particularly interested to know how many of you employ students and part qualifieds who you would point in the direction of such a resource.

Many thanks

Andy North



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Marion Hayes | | Permalink

If students entered a topic classification you could list latest study topics at the bottom of the home page or next to the 'latest any answers'

That would make it easier for us to see if there was a question of particular interest.

It would also be good if there was an 'agreed' or 'disagreed'  button to select on posts to give students an idea of whether the suggestions were good or contentious as opposed to just vocal. We often don't respond if someone has already written our reply

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andy_north | | Permalink

Thanks Marion


Good points which we'll certainly look to include.

Our concern is that the general flow of questions can get interupted  by lots of very basic questions so ringfencing will have to play a part in this.

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