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The Swiss Toni top comic award

Hi folks. As part of AccountingWEB's 2012 Community Awards, we thought we would invoke the memory of one of our most treasured members to celebrate the people who lighten up the atmosphere on the site with their quips and gags - the legendary Swiss Toni.

Swiss Toni - top quipster of 2008Our hero (left) stepped out from TV's Fast Show in 2008 and regaled us with a string of innuendo-laden similies likening the practice of accountancy to the act of love. Who can forget this one, selected by members as the site's top rib-tickler that year:

Speaking to HMRC is like making love to a beautiful woman, you have to push the right buttons, speak slowly, scream in frustration and finally hang up your handset.

Or, on the topical subject of Christmas parties:

Christmas parties are like making love to a beautiful woman, you have to know your objectives, enter through the double doors, fill your boots and dont forget to stuff a medium bird.

To celebrate AccountingWEB's finest commedian of 2012, it seemed right that we turn to the members of this discussion group to nominate and debate who should receive our Swiss Toni top comic award. Several members of this group may well emerge as contenders:

Paul Scholes, for example, recently passed on this classic, supposedly from one of his clients:

"Just bought new sat nav, it's got Bonnie Tyler's voice on it, thought it would be a laugh but it's bloody useless!  Keeps telling me to turnaround and every now & then it falls apart!"

Old Grey Accountant has kept spirits up in the Time Out group with funny images, video links and a thread on amusing sayings with such gems as:

"She is such a pessimist, even if pessimism were an olympic sport she still wouldn't reckon her chances!"

Those are just a few suggestions to get the debate started. Who else do you think merits this recognition in 2012? You can cite comments and contributions from anywhere on the site, and it would help if you can find the old link, or quote any comments that amused you.

If someone else has already posted a nomination for someone you think should win the prize, you can just thank that person's post. We'll tot up the nominations and thanks that come in and announce the winner in the last Insider bulletin before Christmas.

And thanks to everyone for making this group (and the whole site) such a vibrant place in 2012.

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And for Born Dull?! fans...

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Over in the Born Dull?! discussion group, we're reviving the old prize for the accounting personality who does the most to demolish the "boring accountant" stereotype.

The origins and evolution of Born Dull?! - our previous home for off-topic and humourous digressions - are explained in that discussion group. You can also look back through the archive on the Born Dull?! tag page.

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Most hilarious posts?    4 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

They were removed by the moderators :)

So hard to choose ...

There's Flash Gordon who has had me laughing so hard my belly ached, I had tears in my eyes, and drowned my keyboard with spilled tea ... but not on such top form recently (probably all spare time is spent studying)

George Attazder ... even his name brings a smile to my face. I love his sense of humour.

.... and not forgetting Mouse007 who brightens our day with emoticons and humour.

I'll have to plump for Flash as a thank you for the belly laughs.

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Bob Harper

B Adder | | Permalink

Always adds value for me !

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Bob Harper | | Permalink

@B Adder - I'll gladly take nominations, awards and prizes, especially from my dearest fans and you know who you are.


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