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TaxCalc launches accounts production package - official release

1September 2011 - Acorah Software Products Ltd, producers of award-winning tax software TaxCalc, announces a major new addition to their product range.

TaxCalc’s Accounts Production software, Acorah Software’s much-anticipated accounts production software, is the first of TaxCalc’s new generation range of products and will be available to pre-order from 1 September 2011 – and to download and purchase from 28 September 2011.

In true TaxCalc style, this innovative scalable, Accounts Production software, has been thoughtfully built from the ground up to reflect the need for effortless, One-Click iXBRL submissions that require absolutely no technical expertise whatsoever and, integrating seamlessly with TaxCalc’s flagship Tax software range.

Embracing the company’s core values, TaxCalc Accounts Production is launched at a price point of £499 frozen for five years (or for a special pre-order price of £450 until the 29th September 2011) and offers an exceptional level of user benefits, including:

  • One-Click iXBRL
  • No joining fee
  • Unlimited clients
  • Two concurrent users as standard – additional users can be purchased individually for £50 per user
  • Free award-winning UK support
  • SimpleStep workflow
  • Check and Finish
  • No exit tie-ins
  • Price frozen for five years

“The TaxCalc team are committed to developing a range of exceptional market-leading products, not only in terms of functionality, ease of use and support - but also by offering our clients exceptional value for money. We believe TaxCalc Accounts Production will make a huge impact on launch and prove to be every bit as successful as our self assessment tax software,”  said Tracy Ebdon-Poole, CEO, Acorah Software Products Ltd.

To find out more and pre-order: visit the TaxCalc Accounts Production site:

So what do members of this group think about the new program, and the company's wider strategy for this market? From what I understand, "Hub 1.0", which some AccountingWEB members tested out at beta stage, has been retired. But elements have been reconfigured to act as bridge between the accounts production product and the tax programs. While the Hub is part of the AP bundle, I don't think it will be offered as a free add-on for tax-only software users. I'll be doing some investigations of my own in the next week or two and will alert you to anything I publish on our IT pages.


No hub???

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

So having conned people into buying their tax software with the promise of a free hub they're now not bothering?!

Well I won't be bothering with their accounts software (more expensive than my current (and probably for a long time into the future) choice VT) and as soon as VT produces their CT software I'll be switching to that, finding a cheap SA100 bit of kit (unless VT decide to add that too, pretty please!) and kicking Taxcalc into touch.

Long live VT!!!

ShirleyM's picture


ShirleyM | | Permalink

I think TaxCalc have lost their way regarding communications with their customers.

The cost of their accounts software is quite high, and it doesn't make it clear whether this is one-off, or annual charge. This raises concerns that the tax software may follow and become more expensive.

As Flash says, it is much more expensive than VT (which has a proven track record) and doesn't have the benefit of data import from bookkeeping.

First impressions of the software, coupled with the total lack of communications regarding earlier promises, do not bode well. I will be checking out BTC tax/CRM next year, as they now have the reports that I thought were lacking before, plus many improvements to the CRM, including filing of Abb. Accounts to Co. Hse. Most importantly, BTC seem to give a high priority to customer service and suggestions for improvements.


nick | | Permalink

I remember reading last year they were bringing out an accounts package and that it would be priced to rival VT.

What went wrong? The introduction price of £450 is 3 times what I pay for VT (which is £200 in the first year and £150 after that).

I think they have got the pricing very wrong here. I don't think any VT user would switch as there seem to be no real advantages. I am a fan of the Tax software but as mentioned I think there is more chance of VT stealing the Corp Tax market from Taxcalc than Taxcalc stealing the Accounts software share from VT. 

As well as the hub there was also some cashflow software that used to be 'coming soon' on their website that also disappeared.



John Stokdyk's picture

The Hub is in there...

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

But it looks like you'll have to buy the accounts production package to get it.

I'm interested in the pricing feedback - definitely worth starting a new thread to work out at what level they might win new business for the accounts system.

Free hub

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

So as they said last year that if you bought the tax software you'd get the free hub, does that mean that they'll give me the accounts software free?? No, thought not.


cmg | | Permalink

Nothwithstanding that I posted on an "any answers" thread that I'd be beta-testing this package, and have signed the Non-Disclosure Agreement, I'll not be bothering. The pricing looks way out, and in answer to a question above, it is an annual fee, not a one-off, although there is a promise it won't increase for five years. Early buyers get year one for £450 and it then goes up to the standard £499 for each of the following years. At that pricing, I'm not interested.

I decided to get out of Sage Accounts Production because of it's iXBRL inflexibility, and non-compatibility with Windows7 64-bit, as well as other niggles I'd put up with for too long, and had been intending to road-test both Taxcalc (for final accounts to Tax Return integration) and VT (for bookkeeping to final accounts integration). I've been testing VT, on their 60-day trial period, to destruction (on one occasion literally, and had to re-download it!). But having now learned how not to corrupt a template, the decision for me is "no contest". Taxcalc may or may not have flexibility which is as good as VT, but even if it does, why pay that much to get it?

Sorry Taxcalc, but as they say on Dragon's Den, I'm out!

ShirleyM's picture

Free trial

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I have found a very small reference which says that a free 14 days trial will be available from 28th Sept.

Unfortunately, it doesn't say when the introductory pre-order offer will end. Do we assume then, that the free trial will automatically exclude a purchaser from the introductory offer?

I am not impressed by the lack of information and clarity.

The Hub

birdie | | Permalink

I must say that I am very disappointed with Taxcalc. I migrated to them from Drummohr and am very happy with the tax software side of things. However, as a sole practitioner I desperately need a database to keep things up to date with deadlines etc and thought the Hub would be the answer. From previous posts it seems I would now also need to purchase the accounts production software and there is no way I would leave my current supplier (VT). 

I spoke to Taxcalc a couple of weeks ago and the Hub isn't being launched until next spring at the earliest - does anyone have any other ideas for a decent (easy to use!) database?

ShirleyM's picture


ShirleyM | | Permalink

BTC do a capable CRM. I do not know whether you can buy this separate, or have to buy the tax software, too.

The Hub

ceconnell | | Permalink

I too find myself in a similar position to Birdie. I'm happy with Taxcalc for tax and VT for accounts and was looking forward to the launch of the Hub as there seems a gap in the market for such a product.

Offering me another accounts package costing more than twice the cost of VT isn't going to tempt me.

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Response from TaxCalc

case.greg | | Permalink

We realise that we haven’t said a great deal until our recent announcement and that’s something that is going to change.

Firstly, a little background…we at TaxCalc are a dynamic team and we hope that our customers realise that we do listen to what you say and we do react to give you the products you need. Any long-term users of TaxCalc will know that we don’t just produce the same updated software every year but rather we listen to what you are saying and try to add the features that you’re asking for.

That said, it’s time to expand the range. We have big plans for the future and we’ve never wanted to rest with Tax alone. We have spent a great deal of time and effort investing in a new way of doing things…a system that allows the development of our software to keep up with your requests and our own ideas!

If we’ve fallen a little silent its genuinely because we’ve been so focused on this and the future of the software. Now we’ve announced the forthcoming Accounts Production software but we will be going straight into expanding the “Hub” with more and more functionality and providing a stand-alone “Practice Manager” on the Hub as soon as possible…we won’t be waiting until next spring.

We have a plan for other features and modules but will, of course, be listening to you all for feedback and guidance on where you want us to take it. The system we have allows us to rapidly and efficiently develop new features and modules and we will have a lot more news and modules over the coming months.

Please keep talking, we will be listening and I promise that we will respond.

Greg Case
Head of Product Management

ShirleyM's picture

Thanks for the response, Greg    1 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

It is nice to know you have noted our concerns, however, are you going to sweep your broken promises under the table (ie. the free hub promised to earlier purchasers of the tax software).

An apology would have helped ease the way, as none of us are mindreaders and we have been left totally in the dark about the hub.

I suspect current users would have preferred you to concentrate on fulfilling promises already made, rather than concentrate on the new accounts production.

Also, the very limited information given out regarding the accounts production was very misleading over price.


case.greg's picture

About the Hub

case.greg | | Permalink

Hi Shirley,
As I said above, our determination and focus on “the future”, as well as trying to usher in a new system and give our customers what they want as efficiently as possible, has led us to fall silent.
I hope you understand that it wasn’t deliberate and we’re going to keep in contact from now on!
That said, you have a point and I would like to apologise for the silence, and for any confusion, and attempt to clarify.
The approach that we have made and the feedback that we have been receiving is that what our users want is a Simple but powerful solution to their accounts and iXBRL needs…one where we take the pain out of iXBRL. The “Hub”, as it was, has changed and we have focused on Accounts Production as well. But that doesn’t mean that the product we spoke about has disappeared.
The announcement has been about Accounts but the Hub is part of this package and the focus immediately after release will be on providing the Client Hub aspect of the software separately as we said, but also adding in the extra functionality of a Practice Manager swiftly thereafter (weeks, not months). You will be able to have the “Hub” without the Accounts. We will then add the extra functionality that you want, piece by piece, some as free additions and some whole new modules but YOU can make the decision on what you want for your practice.

For now we will polish off the Accounts but I promise that we will announce on more features of the Hub itself in the next few weeks.

Greg Case
Head of Product Management

ShirleyM's picture

@Greg - Sorry, but that doesn't make sense    2 thanks

ShirleyM | | Permalink

How can ignoring your customers be anything but deliberate? How do you 'accidentally' fail to respond to your customers concerns that the promised hub for the tax software has not appeared?

You have feedback from customers who said they wanted accounts production, rather than a hub to support the tax software? I am a TaxCalc customer and I haven't been asked for my preference. Any 'feedback' provided by me voluntarily were queries about when, or if, the hub would appear, and any response I received made further failed promises, but there was NO mention of accounts production.

I love your tax software, but due to non-events over the past 12 months (or more) I am not sure I can trust TaxCalc anymore. Looking at the comments from other users, I suspect many others feel the same.

Wholeheartedly with Shirley    2 thanks

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Nothing else to add - I think she's hit the nail on the head.

Another vote for Shirley    2 thanks

birdie | | Permalink

Again I totally agree with bitten the bullet and invested in Logical Office CRM software so although I will stay with Taxcalc for the tax software will not be using the accounts production or "hub".

elansea's picture

Time to move on?    1 thanks

elansea | | Permalink

This is getting boring. Taxcalc has messed up on customer service, pricing and product. We've had our say and repetition doesn't help. They consulted their user base and ignored us

I won't be dumping the tax software. It's the best of breed for product and support and I would be cutting off my nose to spite my face. Ditto VT for accounts production and integrated book-keeping.

Let's leave Taxcalc to salvage what it can from the wreckage of their abysmal launch and concentrate on giving us more of what we want, not what we don't, and at prices we expect.


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