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Just received a mailshot for this product, which puts your SAGE TB in to IRIS in only 5 minutes.

Why would I want to pay for that, I can do it myself in the same time without paying for yet another bit of software!


Just another example

Jimess | | Permalink

Just another example of Iris charging for stuff that other software providers would probably throw in for free if you ask them.  I have had it up to here with Iris' hugely expensive charging policies and I am moving on.  It is amazing what you can get for a fraction of the money Iris charge.

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You can't blame Iris for this one

davidakime | | Permalink

This is not an Iris product - merely someone making money out of formalising what we all do already.

Before you start, no I don't work for Iris and have no axe to grind either way

I am amazed that everyone has not already got a template set up that allows for semi automatic import already.

Mind you at £95 per annum how many hours do you need to save to pay for it - not many!!

Its amazing how many Iris

Cath Walker | | Permalink

Its amazing how many Iris users don't realise how easy it is to set up an import map (the standard Sage one never quite works and I find it easier to just have a dedicated one for each client) and then import a csv file rather than typing in the TB manually!

I have a proforma for setting up and loading an import map for each new client and another for putting the Sage export automatically into the right format every year.

It also have proformas for other packages such as quickbooks - no account codes, but I use a truncated version of the account name to map (last x characters to get round the problem of, for example, 'Plant and machinery:Cost and Plant and Machinery:Acc depn having the same first x characters). You just have to make sure that you take out any commas (since, obviously, that confuses things as a comma represents the next field in a csv file).

I will happily let people have them for £95 ;)



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