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Thinking of going solo? Our new guide will help

With support from leading tax and practice software providers, AccountingWEB has published a Start up in practice guide to help aspiring sole practitioners take their first steps towards success.

The 17-page PDF is packed with practical tips and hands-on advice for aspiring sole practitioners from Mark Lee, Anne Fairpo and the ICAEW, covering:

  • Are you ready to go solo?
  • The regulatory framework
  • Getting your strategy right from the start
  • Marketing and winning your first clients
  • Choosing the right technology.

We’ve also gone back to the Class of 2009 to seek advice from AccountingWEB members who struck out on their own. Each segment of the Start up in practice guide includes a short introduction, backed with checklists, links to other resources, and comments from Class of 2009 accountants.

The guide was put together with the help of practice “agony uncle” Mark Lee, who was delighted to pass on the assembled advice. He likened starting a practice to starting a family, which ultimately boils down to gut feeling and confidence rather than cold rationality. You’ll know when you are ready.
But like starting a family, he said, “There are plenty of things you can do to make sure you are ready in practice too.”

AccountingWEB’s Start up in practice guide is part of our continuing commitment to support practices of all sizes. Mark Lee and other contributors will contribute articles on the key issues for new firms to our new Start up practice page and we will send quarterly updates to those who download the PDF guide. On-going advice and support are also available in our Start up practice discussion group.

So, if the idea is at the back of your mind, what are you waiting for? Download the Start up in practice guide now!

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