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Is Tupac really dead?

I came across this online, thought I'd get the AW communities opinion.

I'm convinced anyway.

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I saw him the other day in Tesco Metro, central Bristol    2 thanks

rsergeant | | Permalink

He didn't look in great shape to be honest. Quite dazed and confused and didn't respond to me shouting "Hey I thought you were dead!" - shame, how the mighty fall.


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My friend reckons they saw him (hence putting me onto that website).  He shouted across to Tupac but the arrogant so and so just blanked him, mounted his flying unicorn and off he went.

Rude is what I'd call that.

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Tupac is DEAD!!!!

Democratus | | Permalink

Really, when, how, where...I mean what......dead really.

OK I admit it, not really sure who Tupac is/was other than a rapper of some renown.

Still i could believe he goes to Tesco, dead or alive.

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