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Twisted lyrics!

Now, a dog on the roof I can understand

but how do you get a goat on the ceiling? 



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may be ...

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... the horse put it there?

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Classic twisted lyrics

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May be I'm missing something?

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Never been a cream fan, I prefer (neutral) milk (hotel)!, but that is what the lyric is unless the song is a pastiche p**s take of such things, it was a bit before my time but I don't think so! I'd certainly give Eric a "slow hand" lap(ton)!

Using that neat segue to this - whilst the internet is wonderful, song lyrics are an excellent example of how disinformation spreads. If you look up song lyrics you will find that all the sites have the same lyrics that are obvioulsy just cut and pasted around the net as if there is an error in one the same one will be on all.

This is a classic example 

Just about every site reports either

"Now your eyes ain't moving now

They just lie there in their climb"


"Now your eyes ain't moving now

They just lie there in their come"

Neither make any sense at all, and no surprise as the actual last word is calm, but if you look at the drivel that has been written analysing a mis-stated lyric and the deep meanings of it you may despair as much as me! 






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The Clash

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My personal favourite misheard lyrics video:

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Ah, the good old days ...

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... tracks like this 

Ok, that's me off down memory lane, revisting the greatest band ever (IMVHO) much under rated and totally understated in respect of their affect on music from when I was growing up in the 70's to now, and many contempory bands being heavily influenced by them - and seeing all those leather jackets makes me wish I still had my motorbike!

Still awestruck after all these years as to how anyone can play guitar so fast for such a sustaimed period!



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