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Two more book reviewers required

We've got two new books available for review:

Freedom to Freelance’ - the fight against IR35 is a new book being published by Philip Ross that details the remarkable campaign fought by contractors against the Inland Revenue's IR35. It is the story of Britain's first real on-line revolution


The Art of Speeches and Presentations: The Secrets of Making People Remember What You Say’ – by Philip Collins


Would any members like to review either of these titles for AccountingWEB? Please let us know if you're interested - the book will be yours to keep, but you'll have to give us a review in return!

Regards, Rob


Glad to review IR35 book

JamesScott | | Permalink

Glad to review IR35 book

I'll try The Art of Speeches

Domybooks | | Permalink
robertlovell's picture

Thanks for such a quick response!

robertlovell | | Permalink

Can you both send me a private message with your name/postal address and I'll get those off to you this week?

Kind regards


JamesScott | | Permalink



gailpurvis | | Permalink

I'd be happy to review the IR35 book. It would be in interesting contrast to the Contractors Handbook which I have dipped through for review purposes and is just available in paperback.  But you seem to have all the offers you need. Best,  :>] Gail


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2nd copy now available

robertlovell | | Permalink

Hi Gail,

I've been in touch with the author and he is happy to supply us with another copy of the IR35 book to get your perspective as well as the other reviewer. Would you be able to message me your postal address and I'll get the copy over to you for review?

Thanks, Rob


gailpurvis | | Permalink

It would be interesting because the Contractor seems to put me slam bang on the edge of

IR35 which is uncomfortable!! 

Am at  Flat 6, 21 Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh EH7 5EB and will try turn round in a few days.




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Looks like I missed out again

taxhound | | Permalink



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Thanks Gail

robertlovell | | Permalink

I'll get that over to you as soon as I receive the copy from the author.

Best regards, Rob

The Art of Speeches and Presentations

Joan Yeadon | | Permalink

I would be interested in reviewing this book

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