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UK costs and income

A purely financial question, please no fighting over politics.

If you broke the UK into its 4 constituent parts and each had to foot its own expenses and could only spend its own tax revenue, which countries would be in the black and which the red?

Are there any Government figures I can look at, it seems like it would be a fun little intellectual exercise :)


I'd be heading way north

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

hoping that the Outer Hebrides would get its own separate part. I'm guessing that as they have to put up with pretty severe weather in winter they're not a bunch of moaners & probably don't mind working for a living instead of whining and living off the state. Hence they might not produce a bundle of tax (not that many folk) but they'd not be wasting it on paying out benefits to idle t*ssers who are too lazy to look for work.

(Please note I'm not suggesting that those who actually deserve benefits shouldn't get them, just not the scroungers the system wasn't intended to support)

Oh and I fancy living in the middle of nowhere and getting proper snow.


Up north for me too

Jimess | | Permalink

No prescription fees, no student fees, plenty of natural resources, good communities and fantastic scenery to boot. Gets my vote.  Don't tell everyone though - would not want it to get overcrowded.

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Ahh but

Constantly Confused | | Permalink

My point was, could 'up North' (by which I assume you mean beyond The Wall Scotland as opposed to Winterfell Sheffield which is the North to me) sustain itself if it were on its own?

Scotland (mostly, though other countries might be the same) keeps harping on about how it wants to run itself, well say the UK said fine, off you go then, but you can only have taxes collected from Scottish citizens, I reckon it would go bankrupt pretty quickly.

I would have expected Wales to do pretty well, as it seems to just get on with things quietly and cheaply, though won't bring in much bacon (mutton on the other hand... :) ).  England I think would be better off (financially) as I suspect even with all the trappings of having the capital, they bring in lots of taxes.  No idea about Ireland :)  I imagine all those police and soldiers aren't cheap though.

But what do I know?  Hence my question, can we establish whether each part of the UK can support itself?  County by county would be even better :)

No xenophobia intended btw, pure intellectual interest.

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Have you tried

SamanthaGore | | Permalink

the ONS?


The "Blue Book" contains figures at UK level, you would have to dig further for breakdowns....



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