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Vote for the new head of HMRC

Now that HMRC is virtually headless, who do we think should be at the top?

Sir Cliff Richard and Wossey are top of my list.

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Democratus | | Permalink

You'll need someone who has:



Political nouse


An affinity with the general public

Superhuman skills

......................Ah I've got it


Obvvious now - It's Flash. He's a shoe in.

Alan sugar--Lord

uktaxpal | | Permalink

Alan sugar--Lord

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Esther Rantzen

ShirleyM | | Permalink

She strikes me as being honest and fair. She may not know much about the job, but I think that applies to Lin Homer, too!

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How about

thisistibi | | Permalink

Nick Clegg... he already tries to keep everyone happy and is already extremely unpopular, so has nothing to lose on that front.

Or Jeremy Clarkson.  But don't put him in charge of environmental taxes.

Or Fred Goodwin.... an experienced CEO with nothing to do.  Plus he's really unpopular, so that's a tick in the right box.  I really like that idea.... better write to HMRC....

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I would have thought ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... given there has been much discussion of Dickens recently, that Fagin would be perfect.

See here a probable scenario for an HMRC staff briefing

(If only Oliver Letwin were Chancellor this would work perfectly - lol)



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Mickey Mouse?

taxhound | | Permalink

On a more serious note, I think they should seroiusly consider appointing an tax accountant from a medium size prctice.

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Not sure

thisistibi | | Permalink

taxhound wrote:

On a more serious note, I think they should seroiusly consider appointing an tax accountant from a medium size prctice.

I'm not convinced that would help them deal with large, FTSE companies.... which is after all, where most tax is at stake.

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I vote

taxhound | | Permalink

OK, thinking about this, I now vote for Rebecca Benneyworth or Francesca Largerberg - although they won't be able to lecture any more if they do this job....

They certainly need to take more advice from practitioners.

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Wise words, taxhound

ShirleyM | | Permalink

taxhound wrote:

They certainly need to take more advice from practitioners.

A business, or institution, will always benefit from talking (and listening) to their customers AND the people on the coalface, ie. their staff, and their main intermediaries (meaning us, the accountants).

I would agree that it would be useful to put in

justsotax | | Permalink

place someone with real world experience.....alternatively I think Jedward could make a go of it....afterall....they will happily turn up for the opening of an envelope (so can accomodate the many lunch's, dinners, events they will be 'required' to attend with their fan base - AKA the big four), they appear to live on a different planet to the rest of us, and will invariably say things that no one can possibly comprehend - leaving the rest of us with only one laugh (on most occasions with tears of despair!)

@ Democratus

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

Ta everso! Not sure about the 'affinity with the general public' as to be honest I'm not really a people person. But as I only really leave home to save the planet and walk the dog at least I wouldn't be swayed by the offer of expensive lunches :)  And I'd be insisting on everyone paying up their fair share (except for little old ladies with cats and dogs).

I've heard Kerry Katona is always on the lookout for an opportunity - she's clueless around money so would fit right in. Or one of the Royals - they're good at getting the taxpayers' money in with minimal effort!!



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@ Flash

Democratus | | Permalink

Probably right - you are too busy saving the world and you would be wasted there, though you might have a chance to cross swords with your old enemy Ming (Menzies) the Merciless over at Trade & Industry.


If I can't have FLash then I'd say bring GOD out of retirement. Afterall he seems to know how to handle civil servants after running first heaven and then the Cabinet Office.

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justinelaws | | Permalink

Bart Simpson for me - or possibly Bill Watterson's Calvin from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.  Man, that kid was a genius.

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Tony Blair

johnjenkins | | Permalink

seems to be on our side perhaps we should give him a go. Can you imagine. "ok Tony how much have we collected this month, more important where is it?" Ah yes well you know that company called transparency well.............................................

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