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VT tax computation - feedback required

Since the June 2011 edition of VT Accounts the company templates have included a simple pre-tagged tax computation. If the accounting period straddles two tax years profit is automatically split between the two and tax rates are automatically determined based on the tax year (via a data file which will updated behind the scenes every year). There is an automatic marginal rate relief calculation. The computation can be modified and extended anyway you like and customisations can be tagged with similar tagging dialogs to the accounts. Indeed, you can tag up any computation in any Excel workbook and generate a tax comp iXBRL file using VT.

Since June 2011, we have fixed a number of glitches in the computation. Eventually VT will also do a CT 600 package with e-filing.

Are users happy with the tax comps as they stand?

Should they be more sophisticated?

Should they be more locked down to make them tamper proof?

Do users find them useful or do they prefer the computations in their existing CT600 package (be that the HMRC filing tool or a third party package)?

Philip Hodgson
VT Software



VT Tax Computation

nmaiden | | Permalink

Is there any help on how to enter Capital Allowances data (i.e. Individual Assets / Pooled assets) - Would be interested in using VT for CT600 return if it could do the whole thing including submission of iXBRL return. Thanks

VTT+ multiple transactions/bank statements import

chatman | | Permalink

Is there any news on the multiple transactions/bank statements import? I just had a look at the road map, but could not see anything in this regard.

Transaction import

vtsoftware | | Permalink

The VT Accounts and VT Transaction+ downloads both now include the 2012 version of VT Transaction+. This version includes the new Universal input sheet. This can be used to enter or import multiple transactions. There is new button to display the sheet just before the P&R button on the toolbar.

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

Link VT CT Calc to P&L

chatman | | Permalink

RJ&Co wrote:

Chatman,   why don't you link the calculated CT on the CT tab to the CT charge on the P&L

Sorry Richard, only just seen this. Yes, that is what I do now. Thanks for the comment.


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