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VT Vat treatment of payments

When using VT Transaction + for a VAT job Ive noticed that when you post a payment directly to the expense ledger (no invoice provided but no VAT either) the payment shows up in the VAT report as a zero rated item.  I know I can go into the account properties and change it to "entries posted to this account are normally outside the scope of VAT" but Im wondering if there is any other way of doing it?


For things like motor insurance we wouldnt put an invoice on and would just post the payment to motor expenses but this would then show on the VAT return.  If I change the VAT preference for motor expenses then any invoice I put on with VAT comes up with a warning saying entries to this account is usually outside the scope of VAT.  I appreciate I could set up an Insurance - motor account but ideally I dont want to have to set up a new account on every client file.


I could set up a custom template I suppose but not sure how any updates would affect this?


Any thoughts or comments on the above situation welcomed thanks.


Not outside the scope    1 thanks

cbp99 | | Permalink

Insurance is not outside the scope, being exempt, so is correctly reported (in box 7) on the Vat return.

Backup report

birdie | | Permalink

You can look at the "Backup report" for that VAT quarter, right click on the transaction and there's an option to change entry to outside the scope of VAT

Nearly everything should be included in box 7

vtsoftware | | Permalink

The list of things that should not be included in box 7 is very small. See http://www.vtsoftware.co.uk/support/outsidevatscopelist.htm

Philip Hodgson
VT Software

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