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Waiting for the Mrs/Miss/Ms/Mistress

While waiting for my wife to get ready for going out. I'm in the Costa Brava on a Saturday evening looking at my e-mail. How sad is that but it came to me in a flash that other menfolk must at sometime be in the same position, so come on lets hear what you other fellas get up to while waiting for her ladyship. Or vice verce.

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Now that's very revealing....    1 thanks

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I am not commenting but will tell you about the man who was waiting for his wife to emerge from the bathroom where she was putting on her makeup and a new outfit for the night. When she opened the door she asked him

"Does my bum look big in this?"

Being an honset sort the husband replied

"Now be fair, it's a small bathroom"




Dog the Bounty Hunter takes

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Dog the Bounty Hunter takes his wife to work in the back of his 4*4 where she puts her make up on-----and what a BIG lady she is--its not only her big bum but her..............are they real?

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Ah uktaxpal

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I had no idea what you were referring to, but a quick visit to the googleator made it all clear.

No idea by the way!

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In our house....

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We all have to wait for my 15 year old son whenever we go anywhere.  He is never ready on time and always keeps us waiting.

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@ uktaxpal    1 thanks

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our theory here is that they are a symbiotic life form, but neither can exist without the other!

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At the moment ...

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... I pick the caterpillars off my sprouts and drown them, over 250 and climbing, and I only have 9 plants, must get them all soon! - question is will there be any leaves left by then?

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Shouldn't you have the sprouts cooking by now or they will not be ready for Christmas!

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