Warning - Invoice xxxx total net different from sum of item net value

The company has recently had to become VAT Registered and this appears to have caused some problems. Maintenance check returns a number of warnings which refers to old non-vated invoices.  On inspection, these old invoices now show VAT has been added. Any suggestions?



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I don't believe that changing the VAT Settings should cause this (at least I've bot seen it before).  As they are warnings (I assume you have no errors), you have a number of choices:

1. Ignore them - as they relate to old invoices which, I assume, have been updated, they will cause no problems.

2. Take a backup and then delete the invoices in question - the warnings will go but you have a backup should you need to view them again.

3. Open each invoice in turn and save it - this will get rid of the warnings.


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