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What are your favourite practice efficiency tips?

Intuit have asked us to help them out with a practice efficiency whitepaper that Nigel Harris will be writing in the next week.

Some of the material will come from members of their Pro Advisors Programme, but why should they get all the fun. If you're in practice, have you come up with any particularly effective improvements that you'd like to share with other accountants.

And if you're not a practitioner, what are the things your accountant has done that have really impressed you by making your life easier?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions - Nigel has said he'll be crediting the originators of any tips that he uses.


Tip 1    1 thanks

carnmores | | Permalink

dont call support its shut or have i spelt that wrong

Tip 2    1 thanks

carnmores | | Permalink

sort out the ruddy VAT

Tip 3    1 thanks

carnmores | | Permalink

allow a posting of vat straight from a bank account

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carnmores | | Permalink

if you ask for tips USE THEM

Efficiency Tips for Intuit    1 thanks

chatman | | Permalink

Sort out the VAT

Having corrected the date format problem, do not reintroduce it in subsequent versions

Make all versions backwards compatible

Make the help line helpful and much faster

If the help line number is still an income-generating (eg 0845) number then get a geographic one.

Make transaction data import user friendly

where did it all go wrong

carnmores | | Permalink

i began using quickbooks in about 1992 so probably after the upgrade from 2005 its been downhill nezrly all the way since then

Tip 5

carnmores | | Permalink

base your call centre in the UK

Tip 6

carnmores | | Permalink

stop scoring own goals with articles like this

Tip 7

carnmores | | Permalink

explain to us what use the Intuit calendar is - its a waste of time

Tip 8

carnmores | | Permalink

employ someone with practical experience of small business / practice - you have been told before

Tip 9

carnmores | | Permalink

stop introducing costly un required upgrades

The most efficient tool that has ever touched Quickbooks

chimpkey | | Permalink

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Thanks for listening!






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