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What ID is acceptable?

I have dutifully trawled through pages of postings but have not found the answer to my problem. This is as follows:

Client is in nursing home suffering from dementia. Daughter has power of attorney. Client needs tax return.

For whom do I ask ID? If daughter, she only has an old style driving licence and no photo and her passport has expired. Should I insist on evidence showing power of attorney in addition? (I have a letter from HMRC to daughter stating "As power of Attorney for Mrs Bloggs".) What ID would suffice from daughter?

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Old style licence is ok    1 thanks

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You can accept the old style licence, but need a second document to support it. Recommended supporting documents are any evidence of state or local authority funded benefits, council tax demand or letter, bank or credit card statement, or recent utility bill (but not ones that have been printed off the internet).

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What about the mother?

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Thanks, Shirley - your advice covers the daughter.


Should I get details of the power of attorney and should I ID the woman's mother as well?



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I'm not sure about the mother

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Hopefully, David will come along and answer that one :)

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Electronic Verification

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I recommend using electronic client verification for all clients. This is a simple on-line system that provides all the confirmation needed to comply with MLR including checking foe PEPs - that may or may not be important in this case.

There are a number of companies now that provide full aML support including verification, training, manual etc. at very competitive prices. One system that is recommended by professionals is AMLCC - see www.amlcc.co.uk.

id evidence

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I was born in N Rhodesia and so my new style driving licence has my date of birth with N Rhodesia after it. This was my proof of my photoidentity.

The bank refused to open a bank account because I could not show my nationality as British. The only evidence I had was an expired passport and they said is was not acceptable.

Counter clerk muttered that it was his perogative to reject.

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