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What is up with people?

Prince Harry is a soldier, we do not need confirmation of him carrying out his duties - all it will do is "legitamise" him as a target to terrorists!

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It's not news that a soldier was actually doing his job.

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I am no royalist, so this is yet another story of the bleeding obvious..along with

Old man goes to hospital

Married woman pregnant

Someone with too much money has a good time

Engaged couple get married


Not a news story.

Maybe not your take on it OGA but the results is the same - it shouldn't be a news story in any event.



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Maybe now's the time for Harry to renounce his claim to the throne, give up his "HRH" title, no longer be required/paid(?) to do public duties and do what he seems to really want to do which is be a career soldier?

After all, we now have Prince Charles, Prince William and the new Prince/Princess to inherit the throne so the "spare" is no longer needed.

Maybe if he does do this, eventually, he will be able to get on with his job without every move being reported by the press!

This would also aid the proposed streamlining of the monarchy!

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I thought ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... Voldermort was dead! :o)

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Come on OGA    1 thanks

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You know wizards have a way of coming back from the dead or perhaps JK will make it all a HP dream when he is 30 and worried about his own son because of ancient chinese connections.

I would think Harry (Prince not Potter) is feeling a bit of what his mother had to endure. I don't see why he should renounce his Royalty - he probably brings in a lot more in tourism than he gets paid.

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