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Which cloud accounts applications have web service for access by retail website ...

Are there any existing cloud applications that have an exposed web service allowing access to the product/stock data by a retail web site?

The following is a selection of the type of properties that would need to be available:

  • Product summary with image and price (ability to sort - high/low price etc.)
  • Product detail attributes (colour, size, price etc)
  • Product image Product categories (for menu)
  • Products groups within categories (for sub-menu)
  • Manufacturers & brand logos associated with the products
  • Ability to have discount codes
  • Recording customer information (i.e. login, password, address etc.) Forgotten password etc.
  • Customer order status - i.e. outstanding/despatched, order history
  • Ability to asssign carriage etc. to specified nominal code etc ....

Finally when a sale is made the following is required:

  • Instant update of remaining product quantity Real time or daily batch update (after z reading) of accounting ledgers to reflect the sales
  • Payment into the correct bank account within the accounting app - i.e. payPal, normal merchant service bank account

Naturally the retail site could be hosted anywhere (any domain/provider) and still access the web service to draw upon the data held within the man accounting database

These are pretty much every day requirements for any retail web site and it would be useful to know which existing cloud providers can provide this type of integration with their SaaS accounts systems

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Cloud & retail

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Xero's API provides the basis of good integration with both physical retail and/or web based retail apps.

There are a couple of recent Xero / Shopify customer case study videos here -  http://www.xero.com/business/retail/

Gary Turmer
Managing Director, Xero



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I suggest you take a look at the above.

Another solution could to have your requirement written using Zoho Creator.

I will be happy to discuss with you if you need help with this.



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Try Twinfield and/or Newbase

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Hi JC,

Twinfield has a published web services API and would do some of what you are after, but not stock.  One of our long standing customers is Serenata Flowers and they've used the web service to integrate Twinfield as the back end accounting for their bespoke online web shop.  They are the largest online reseller of flowers in the UK.     Also Newbase is an online ERP solution which integrates with Twinfield for accounting and Magento for web shop e-commerce.  Newbase is good for a trading company which buys and then sells online, does all of the stock, sales and purchase order processing, linking properly to Magento and Twinfield - it could be a combination worth looking at.     David Terrar   http://www.d2c.org.uk and http://www.twinfield.co.uk    (sorry for the scramble, I've hit one of those AccountingWEB editor bugs) 

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