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Year end data archive query

After doing the year end routine and archiving the data, I decided to restore a pre-year end backup and do it again.

However it told me that there was already a 2011 archive and wouldn't carry on.  I deleted the archive directory and tried again, but it still tells me there is already a directory with that name (2011) and won't let me carry on unless I call it something else.

I'd rather not use a different name - so does anyone know where the hidden file/directory must be that Sage thinks exists so that I can delete it and get on with the job in hand?




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Hi Tracy,
There are two ways to fix this
1. In the Archives folder there is a file called Archives.dta. This holds the indexing for the archives. Delete this file. It will automatically regenerate when you next go in to Archives. Now you can go in and redo the year end with the desired name.
2. From Sage go in to the Archives. The Archives.dta file will do a reindex and the deleted company will be taken out of the index. Now redo the year end and the program should allow the same name.

Thank you

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All sorted now. Thanks very much :-)


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