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Your common misspellings

I was reading the misquotes thread and typing a letter and I got the urge to ask, what are your most common misspellings?

I have a blind spot for 'unfortunately', wanting to miss the E.  I sometimes get my c and my o the wrong way round if I type fast in 'accountancy', creating a new and interesting word...

I struggle to type 'ratio' without adding an 'n' at the end (?). 

Anyone have similar odd blind spots?

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Loads and loads

ShirleyM | | Permalink

Partly, it is because I type too quickly and get the letters the worng way round ... and sometimes I miss letters out altogther, and sometimes I am just crap at spelling.

My spelling isn't too bad ... it is grammar where I fall down!


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i always get

johnjenkins | | Permalink

stuck mixed. As my typing gets quicker I find I can't be bothered to spell properly. Probably texing doesn't help. I tend to tex as others do with l8 for late etc. Stupid thing is I'm pretty good at spelling especially at helloween.

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Being dyslexic

Mouse007 | | Permalink

I can't spell nuffing - thank dog for spell chequers and goggle.

weaversmiths's picture I'm pretty good at spelling especially at helloween.

weaversmiths | | Permalink

JohnJenkins ...  Thing is I'm pretty good at spelling especially at helloween.



Didn't realise you were a fellow head-banger - Helloween is a really good Rock Band (;-).  See - you can spell even though you think you can't.


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Love this poem

cathygrimmer | | Permalink

You've probably all seen it before but here it is again (undoubtedly with the formatting all over the place by the time it hist the AWeb site!):




Ivor souper spelling chequer

It came with my Pea See

It plane lee marks for my revue

Miss steaks eye cannot sea

Each thyme when aye have struck the quays

I weight for it to say

If watt eye rote is wrong or rite

It shows me strait a weigh

As soon as a mist ache is maid

It nose be four two late

And eye can put the err or write

As this rime demon straights

I've run this poem threw it

I'm shore your policed two no

It's letter perfect in its weigh

My cheque tolled me sew

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That's brilliant Cathy :)

ShirleyM | | Permalink

I've never seen that poem before but it is quite apt, as well as entertaining :)

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Love it!

Monsoon | | Permalink

Like the poem.

I too get the 'c' and 'o' in accountant round the wrong way. Tempted to see if AWebs profanity filer picks it up.

Following on from the poem, it reminds me of something illustrating the awkwardness of English spelling and pronunciation of 'ough.' You know, plough is pronounced plow but rough is pronounced ruff. Anyone trying to learn English could easily therefore make sentence 1 into sentence 2

1. The rough boy's cough made a bough fall and hit a cow.
2. The row boy's cue made a buff fall and hit a cough.

When I am handwriting, I often write 'strenght,' instead of strength. I have no idea why; it's the only word I do it with.

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I gave up learning to spell

Mouse007 | | Permalink

When I realised GHOTI

(according to the rules)

should be pronounced FISH


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