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Can I just start by saying that typing that title gave me physical pain as I hate missplaced apostrophes (and I sometimes run past a shop called Your's)

That said, is there actually a time when it is a correct use of the apostrophe?  I'm thinking of such as

"I have completed your's and your wife's tax returns"

The tax return is owned by both 'Your' and 'Wife', therefore it seems logical to say 'your's' in this instance.  Or is my sentence so poorly constructed that I have twisted the rules of English so out of shape that I have wandered into a strange place?

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I would say ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... I have completed (the)* Tax Returns for you and your wife!

* = optional/dependant

(or should it be your wife and you?).

I reckon

Flash Gordon | | Permalink

it would be 'your and your wife's tax returns' because if it was just the one it would be 'your tax return' and if it was just wifey's it would be 'your wife's' and so you join them together. Easy peasy. If you left out the words tax and return you could then use 'yours' as in 'I have completed yours' but with no apostrophe because some words regarding possession don't need them (mine, yours, ours, hers, its, theirs) (pronominal possessives if you want the technical term!)

You did have me worried when I saw the title though!

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How about

davidwinch | | Permalink

I have completed your own and your wife's tax returns


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Constantly Confused | | Permalink

Thank you all for your suggestions!  It did feel a little artificial the way I said it, like I had gone too far.

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As we say    1 thanks

Paul Scholes | | Permalink

Dear Jack & Jill

I've like only gone & done your returns...init

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Shouldn't that be ...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... Hey Blod, mans dashing your returns - safe init!

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Yes but....

Paul Scholes | | Permalink Croydon it would end in a ? rather than a ! one doesn't wish to antogonise

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Croydons finest

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

IMHO, for your enjoyment 

It pleases me no end that there are many youngsters these days that are aware of and inspired by people like Victor Jara.

or is that Croydon's?!*@$



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I've done you and yours tax returns?

taxhound | | Permalink

Or would it not be better to say I have completed your wife's and your tax returns....

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Sorry to butt in here, but I

Rachael_Power | | Permalink

Sorry to butt in here, but I think "your and your wife's" is grammatically correct in this case - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! 

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Judicious editing

Democratus | | Permalink

I'd say " I have completed both your and your wife's tax returns"

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Constantly Confused | | Permalink

What a minefield!

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