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Interested to know whether anyone here is using youtube for video sharing either publicly or privately with customers?

It's something that I am doing more and more of with other clients but not so much with accountants.

Seems like the potential to show personality and the face behind the practice could be pretty good.

Anyone have any experiences to share or thoughts on Youtube?

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You're spot on Maxxy...

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....we have created several youtube videos for accountancy and IFA clients and others have done their own. Some, as youhave mentioned Maxxy, have used the opportunity to show their own personality whilst talking about the services they provide. Others have gone for a more corporate image by using us to create a video sequence to a script.

Other benefits to using this method of internet marketing are:-

The Google spiders are always happy to find new content and particularly different media on a website, so having the video on your site will certainly help with SEO and push your own site up the Google rankings.

If you put a little thought into how you title your video, youtube obviously has excellent SEO rankings and doesn't take long at all to push it's videos to the top of Google. So rather than simply naming your video after you or your practice, have a think about what prospects might be looking for and title your video around that. Creating more than 1 video will help you to build your brand and reputation. If you create problem solving media as well then you will obviously generate a lot of interest, again by using the right video titles for SEO.

Using this method can be as cheap or expensive as you like; using (or borrowing) a video camera whilst sat at your desk or with a projected slide show costs you very little. Uploading your video to youtube costs nothing. If you want a more polished and professional video then yes, unless you happen to be a bit of a digital video editing enthusiast, you will need to spend a bit of money, but the results for both methods that I have witnessed have been pretty much the same.

So if you don't mind getting in front of the camera and talking about what you do, then I would suggest it's a very cost effective marketing tool....and who knows James Cameron or Steven Spielberg may find you and whisk you off to Hollywood to be part of the next blockbuster!!!             

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Perhaps you could share all those videos with us?

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It is great to hear that you have created several videos for accountants and IFA's.  Perhaps the best way to show us all what you are talking about would be to post the names and locations of all those videos.  I am sure that would help and inspire others to repeat your success.

I am not sure about the value of linking to a you tube video is but then again I am not an SEO expert.  However, I did talk to somebody a while ago and he suggested that linking to you tube was good for you tube and not for the site the link is coming from.  I think this is because it is effectively an out bound link from your site to you tube, rather than an inbound link from a high ranking site like you tube back to your site.

Videos are great for engaging site visitors so they have value in that respect too.  You should always put your contact information in the video for those who bump into it on you tube.

Lastly, just like video, still images are valuable on the web.  In social media it is always best to have a nice picture of the person.  I am sure you would agree.

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Yes, I make considerable use of YouTube for my own promotional videos.

David Winch

Make Sales Without Selling and Get Paid What You're Worth

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Could you point us to any examples

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I would love to see some examples.

On the "to do" list

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As usual it is on my "to do" list. I'd love to hear how others find it.

@Mark I think the benefit of video is best for SEO if it is on your own site as it makes it more interesting. It is also useful as a source of contact when viewers click through from Youtube.

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We have made videos

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I am part of a family run accountancy firm in Edinburgh and my brother is a film editor in London who has helped us produce corporate films which we share on YouTube -steedmancompany Also the SEO benefit has been good in that thumbnails have appeared of our corporate films on the SERPs pages which help our entries in the organic results stand out. It also seems easier to get videos to appear on page 1 - perhaps because less people are producing videos as opposed to text-based web pages.

We have decided to produce our films in 2 ways - firstly by using professional equipment and getting the film professionally edited - and secondly by making small 'Look at Me' videos using more simple film editing software.

Also I completely agree with HudsonCo that the real benefit comes from having the video on your own site - especially if you submit a video site map as an xml file to Google's Webmaster Tools so that they scan your site regularly with ease.

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Some Examples

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At Mark Orr's request, you can see some of my own YouTube hosted promotional videos at:

My free Discovery Day

My January 2011 Sales and Marketing Bulletin

My October 2011 Bulletin

David Winch

Make Sales Without Selling and Get Paid What You're Worth

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Thanks for sharing those with us David Winch

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As you know, I have seen you speak and know that you have some great ideas.

I would also love to see some of the work from the other David who said

'we have created several youtube videos for accountancy and IFA clients'.

Don't be shy, I am sure we can all learn from your videos too.

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Thanks David......

Quality Impact ... | | Permalink give a good insight on how to put across bags of personality and stay very professional in a video. I'd like to give a couple of examples of a slightly different approach which we have found also works very well.


This approach maybe more suited to the camera shy and admittedly does not demonstrate the personality of an individual, but they do however demonstrate a solution to a problem and help to reinforce a brand.

I think both methods work equally well.     


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Can you show us any more examples

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Hello David, these are both for the same client.  Would you be able to share the results of these videos and maybe give other accountants an indication of costs.  Perhaps it would be interesting to see what you have done for IFA's.

Thanks for sharing the videos with us.  It certainly has opened my eyes to what you can do.

our You Tube channel

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We set up a You Tube Channel containing numerous videos some months ago and have links to it from our website.

The corporate videos also play in our reception area.

Link here 


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our You Tube channel

russellsteedman | | Permalink

Hi andrewmcdald

had a look at your YouTube videos. Very impressive.


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taxhelpukcom | | Permalink

We've been using YouTube for several years, mainly to host the videos we have on our website, but we have also received clients directly as a result.


We have our own YouTube channel too:


It's a great way to promote the business, and the videos we had done were very affordable.

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Do you think having your own you tube channel is important

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Thanks for showing us your Tax Help videos and your you tube channel.  I am sure their must be good benefits from using your own channel.  I did notice that an earlier poster sent us links to videos that were neither in his name nor his clients which did reduce their credibility for me.  They also had very few hits so maybe they are not being found for that reason too.

presumably Video is like all other forms of marketing.  It needs to be measurable to be effective.

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Youtube Channel

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Hi Mark


It only took me 10 minutes or so to set up the YouTube channel, so it's easily done and worth having as a location for the videos.

The quality of the videos makes a huge difference - many I've seen have either been with a filing cabinet behind someone talking to a laptop webcam or a low quality green screen.

It's worth investing a few hundred getting the quality right, otherwise it can count against the poster.

My own videos were shot by an ex TV camerman and I was interviewed by the longest running presenter from MTV - having that level of experience makes the process so easy and the quality shows.

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I think the interview style is a good idea

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I think you are dead right to have your own you tube channel.  I cannot imagine why any marketing professional wouldn't have their own you tube channel.

I also liked the interview style as it helps to bring out some character and avoids the talking head look.

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YouTube has the potential to be massive for accountants

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YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world and since Google bought it in 2006 videos are now a key part of SEO.


It's particularly relevant for accountants because we are in a people business, so it lets prospective clients see us.  And since very few firms are doing video marketing, and even less doing it well, there is a huge oppotunity for firms to use video to both attract new clients and add value to existing clients.


However, there are some key things you need to know to make YouTube and video work.  Here are a few tips:


1. The video MUST add value.  If you do not have valuable content and only do a sales pitch then people will switch off.  So make sure that you have valuable content in every video you do.

2. You need to think about traffic... traffic to your YouTube channel and traffic from your channel.  With regard to the latter, what is your objective for the video?  You should have a call to action at the end.  For example, ask the viewer to sign up for your free book.

3. You also need to drive traffic to your channel.  A great way of doing that is integrating your YouTube strategy into your other online and social media strategies.

4. Unless your video content is really engaging, aim to keep videos to 2 - 3 minutes long.  Most people on YouTube are looking for a "quick fix" - if your videos are too long or not interesting they'll simply click away.  If you have a video containing tips that is 8 minutes long, break it down into 2 or 3 separate videos.

5. One of the keys to YouTube success is getting people to SUBSCRIBE to your channel.  This is a bit like collecting Fans in Facebook.  YouTube then notifies your subscribers when you upload new videos.


Have a look at my "Pricing For Accountants" channel for some more ideas.  You'll find it here... 

When you explore my channel you'll see a mixture of different types of video.  Some are me to the camera.  Some are from live seminars.  Some feature accountants I work with.  And some use screen capture software (which is great if you are camera shy).

And if you want some more tips, check out this video... 

I did this a few weeks ago and it gives some more tips regarding video marketing.

I hope this helps.




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