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31/3 year ends

With this date being a popular date for year ends, people generally seem to be more receptive to telemarketing for lead generation and appointment setting.

Does anyone find they have better results from marketing activity generally at this time of year? more web hits? more enquiries generally?

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January for me

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No, it is January for me for 2 reasons:

1.  Existing clients get a 20% price hike if they bring their books after 15 Dec and need tax return in by 31 Jan.  Hence they all come by 31 Jan.  So I can win as much work off overloaded local competition in January as I want.

2.  All seasonal businesses - I am based in the Lake District there are lots of those here - are very receptive to meetings in January and Feb.  So people I call or meet in Nov / Dec who are rushed I say "Let's meet up in Jan or Feb when you are quieter."  This gets the meeting off to a great start because they already know you're the sort of guy who thinks about their business and not just your own.

April is not a great time around here for new clients because the season is getting under way.  Seasonal businesses have chefs to hire, staff to train, repairs to finish, etc.


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January and April

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I should imagine that does indeed go down very well to show that you understand their business and industry right from the start! How refreshing :) 

The other thing with 31/3 is that marketing approaches can be combined to also help review the 1st quarter for year ends 31/12 too

Is there anything else that works well around this time of year?

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