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Accountants don't like SEO?

Hi Everyone!


Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a networking meeting in London where I got talking to a table full of Accountants. We discussed all the exciting things like tax laws, tax havens, audits, etc before the subject landed on online marketing.

Out of the 6 Accountants sitting with me, none of them believed that Search Engine Optimisation would help their business and none of them at all had heard of Search Engine Marketing which is almost 95% of the work in getting a site into the Top 10!

So I opened up my iPhone internet connection and got them to google for the phrase Accountant (County) naturally replacing county with wherever their business was based.

Sure enough none of their businesses were visible, not until the third page of Google at best. For their interest I mentioned to them that the way my accountant got my business was from me searching for Accountant Bracknell and his name appearing in those Top 7 local results.

In fact 83% of people only call the Top 7 Local results!

Anyway, the reason the gentlemen had a lack of faith in SEO & SEM is that up until now they have needed almost no marketing at all!!!  I ask, " are looking for ways to get more business right?" They replied..."Well....yes".

I wondered if this reluctance with online marketing was common amongst all accountants, is anyone having a great success with it? Anyone had bad experiences?

I am intrigued.












neutru | | Permalink

I believe it is important and much easier than experts sound it out to be.

I have just made to mid page one of google by my efforts only and tips gathered for free on the web. It has only been 3 days now but looking forward to first leads.

I am not an SEO expert or an html programmer, just had some spare time to kill and access to my website's files via my hosting company.

many accountants might not look for new clients, or get a constant trickle of referrals.


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That is amazing!

I am an SEO expert and it takes me at least a week to get a new site into the Top 10 of Google, unless of course I'm targetting almost unsearched for keywords.

Which keywords are you ranking for and what is your website? I am genuinelly intrigued to see what steps you took to achieve such great results.

Just for your interest, New or recently modified sites have a tendency to rank fairly quickly as Google notices the sudden flourish of activity however without regular maintenance and off site marketing these sites drop again almost as quickly as they appeared.

In terms of lead generation it could take a couple of months for decent levels of traffic start arriving, this traffic may or may not convert into leads based on the structure and design of your site which is another element that most consultants will help you improve.

Would you share your steps with the members here? It could help a lot of businesses who haven't the budget at the moment.

SEO continued

neutru | | Permalink

i rank well for <town> accountant for a handful of towns. 

The website is fairly new - august'sh. It was created by one of my clients using Dreamweaver templates. I have provided page titles and meta tag words to him. Once completed it was at best on page 3.

I tried adding a new page and not sure if because of that but it vanished off google for a while.

Tried other things:

- listing on other free websites - freeindex, wefinda, etc

- change the page title to start with small business accountant <town> or something like that

- added more words in meta tags - my host allows me access to website files and it is pretty easy to spot those.

- resubmitted to google

- went on to google website optimiser and followed a simple step to add a verify tag (have not finished all steps). 

- added more content to my website.

I am also on google places and use google adwords from time to time.

If I am not mistaken the biggest difference was the page title change.

Again, I am not a developer and just built my knowledge via SEO blogs and free resources on the web. The page title change suggestion to put the company name last in the title and the relevant words first came from a call from a US company that diagnose your website online - HubSpot.

I could have not done this if i did not have the website created in the first place.

I do not do blogs, twitter, facebook, newsletters and all other of this malarkey

Next step now is to improve the content and maybe upgrade the design (after cash flow improves...).

Hope it makes sense.

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Local SEO

More4Marketing | | Permalink

Great strategy! I commend your web developer as well as the site is structured marvellously which gives a great head start.

Local optimisation for towns is immensely powerful for small businesses. The games changes a bit for places like London or Birmingham as competition is a lot higher there but everyone should get involved in optimising their site for their local area as a matter of urgency!

For local SEO (town based) Google is looking to find your address in many places as possible surrounded by related keywords so your inclusion into free directorys and Google Maps were a great choice. Google can even link a phone number listed on your site with your Google Maps info!.

Setting up a blog with links back to pages within your main site and featuring a contact us page would help further your rankings along with registering in a couple of review sites like, and

Some people then get clients to place reviews on these new review site progiles, if not you can pay a few dollars for an outsourcer to do them for you. These reviews begin showing up in Google Maps which as mentioned, help you climb the ranks for all your keywords!

You could do with some social media buttons such as a Facebook Badge or Tweet button, this can help you start to build leads through networking on twitter and of course Facebook.

You seem to be techy enough to take advantage of a tool named Market Samurai. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of keywords and how much they would cost to bid on for PPC campaigns along with suggesting better variations of words currently being used.

How well is your PPC campaign working? Are you able to track conversions from clicks to enquiries at the moment?

many thanks for the tips

neutru | | Permalink

will certainly give them a go

adwords - just got a call after 2 weeks of campaign, not much else.

I am looking at the stats but not much happening. I will try the tool you recommended. 

There are hundreds of accounts around where I am, so competition is fierce

Do my own SEO too

HudsonCo | | Permalink

Thanks to tips from a website designer colleague I do my own SEO as I have access to the code.

Currently ranking number 1 with <town> accountant in town with population 23,000. This brings in approx 1 enquiry per month. I've just seen that I'm ranking number 1 with the nearest big town with population 139,000 but I'm not sure what has changed this from about page 3 when I last checked about a month ago.

The main thing I do is keep updating my content about once a month and resubmitting to Google. I'm linked via LI and just set up an account to experiment with Twitter but no Blog yet.

I'm quite happy to hear that my competitors don't understand SEO!

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