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Bonuses in Sales and Marketing

I hear quite a lot of moans about bonuses for appointment setting and how this generates a lot of low quality appointments sometimes, but I also hear people disagree and say that bonuses are the way to go to generate success with lead generation and appointment setting.

So, I thought I would start this thread to discuss what people do with bonus schemes... what are the things you give bonuses for in sales and marketing, what works and what doesn't work.

Getting the balance right of the financial amount of any reward can be tricky and there is also the use of soft rewards such as pizza, days off, etc.

What's worked well for you?  What would you not do?

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Hi Maxxy,

Here's how we do it. We have a commission structure that pays out based on client feedback. Our telemarketers book appointments in the knowledge that if the meeting is a waste of time they will not get paid for it. We collect feedback from our clients at the end of each month for the meetings they have been on.

It is vital to have some sort of commission/bonus scheme in place. As you know telemarketing is a thankless hard slog and a basic wage just isn't incentive enough to get good results. Motivation is the key and in this climate money is a great way to do it.  



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We don't make the calls but manage the process.  This includes developing the processes, sales training, sales management and coaching. All are vital to getting maximum value from the investment.

We charge a fee to create the appointments and to deliver the service and the a percentage of new business won. The lower the fee the higher the percentage.  Fees and percentages are agree on a client-by-client basis after we have built up and full understanding of their capability.

It always works out better than buying fees but it is strategic telemarketing which links to the wider practice plan.

Bob Harper

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