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Company dissolved 3 years ago: Self assessment tax return?

Hi there,

I voluntarily dissolved my company after going into full time employment just over 3 years ago now.  However, my then accountant is still requesting documents and payment for filing a Self-assessment tax return.

I would have thought that since the company no longer exists, I am no longer a director, and the company hasn't traded for 3 years, that I am no longer obliged to file anything in relation to it?

Can someone please explain if a self-assessment tax return is still needed, and if so, for how much longer I will be tied to paying for filing these for this dissolved company?

Many thanks.

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Your company will never die!

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Your company will "die" only if you have it liquidated.  I advise clients only to do this if they are absolutely certain they'll never want to trade in that company name - or even just use the name - again.

You should be filing dormant company accounts by the sound of it.  This should be cheap and easy to do for your accountant, but there are still the annual Companies House fees to pay.

Company Dissolved

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There are other reasons other than being a company director which require a tax return, maybe you are caught by them? I suggest you request a full explanation from your accountant so that you understand the situation.

The biggest problem between accountants and clients is a lack of communication.



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Personal tax return or company?

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When you say self assessment tax return do you mean for you personally? I assume you mean that. If so you should file any tax returns HMRC ask for. If you file the tax return HMRC may decide you don't need to file any more.

If the company isn't in existence you shouldn't have to file anything for the company after the date it ceased to exist.


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Companies House data

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 Have a look at the Companies House webcheck service to see if your company still exists.  If it is still listed, you are still a director even if you are not using the company.

If it does not, then challenge your accountant or call HMRC direct and ask why they are still issuing requests for a Return to be submitted.  It could be due to other personal circumstances, Directorship is just one of many reasons to file a Return.

Company Dissolved

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Ps. Your company will eventually be removed from the register at companies house if it is left long enough without submitting returns or financial statements. You can also apply to have it removed from the register is certain conditions apply.


Your accountant should be able to explain this to you.

In fact, why are you here asking for this informationwhen you already have an accountant to explain everything to you?

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Talking rubbish

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One client of mine said that he'd talked to somebody who'd told him to take all the money out of his company to avoid paying corporation tax! Luckily my client mentioned it to me but it seems that a lot of people like to talk rubbish.

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