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Hand-holding to close new customers?


I offer a flexible marketing service to accountants. Just recently I have come across several firms who receive sales leads from their telemarketing partners, but consistently fail to close these deals because, having done their sales pitch, then cannot bring themselves to ask the potential new client for the business.

I would be interested to know if this is a common problem - if so, then perhaps I should be offering a hand-holding service to close some of these deals!


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Hand holding?

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Hi Karen

What does the "hand holding" consist of?  Is this coaching? Making follow up calls? 



Hand holding or education and support

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Hi Karen,

To me it seems that if an accountancy practice is unable to "ask for the business" your service could be most useful.

I was also wondering what hand holding was, I think that at first glance at a certain point the accountant is going to need to be able to ask for the business if they want it, so letting go of holding hands at some point will be needed.

That lead me to believe that education and support to take the action would be most effective.


Hand holding for accountants

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Hi Max

My initial thoughts are that hand holding should be a show & tell process ie

1 Accompany to sales presentation to assess their particular problem

2 Attend meetings & ask for the order on their behalf

3 Make sure that they understand what they are aiming to achieve - no good setting out the stall unless you are prepared to sell the goods!

4 Coaching including role playing so that they can fly solo

What do you think?


Hand holding or education...

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Hi Phil

Certainly I agree that there is a need for education here, but often there is a real fear to be overcome first.

Just watching someone else do it (and handling the No as well as the Yes) can help to reduce that fear. Understanding that they are offering something of real value which will be of incredible benefit to the client should be underpinning their sales pitch - any right-minded client should be prepared to consider what they are suggesting...

So, I think that hand holding should be a presence at sales presentations initially, combined with education and motivational help to hone their sales pitch and of course to close deals!


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Great Idea :)

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Karen Think it is a fab idea. As you say it is the initial fear and can put so much undue pressure on the meeting.

As someone who does telemarketing for accountants I am responsible for generating all those leads that are complete rubbish and obviously it goes without saying that when they fail to convert it is all my fault (haha!!) So I would welcome someone who provided a service like yours based on show and tell, coaching, mentoring, training, supporting etc. 

I get feedback from accountants that we work with that conversion rates vary from 10% to 90% so big variation there. 

Have you been providing this service currently or is it something you are proposing in the future?

Good luck 



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Do you really mean asking to be their accountant?

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What is the problem?

If somebody comes to see me I've never had a problem asking them if they want me to be their accountant.

Sometimes they say that they have one or two other accountants to see first but usually they make up their mind there and then.


Asking to be their accountant

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Hi Peter

I was referring only to situations where the accountant is seeking new business rather than being approached by a client seeking a (potentially) new accountant.

I totally agree with you that if someone approaches you, then why on earth would you not ask the question? However, numerous conversations with accountants reveal a surprising level of modesty... in my view there is no room for modesty when making a sales pitch!


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