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Ideas for a poster?

Seeing as how they say you should use all avenues of marketing I enquired with a client who runs a gym and asked if he would let me place some discrete posters on the wall for a small fee and he agreed.  Ive actually picked up a couple of clients from there just from talking to people so thought it was worth a shot!

However, Im just drafting up some ideas to include on the poster but want to make it eye catching without giving false promises such as "paying too much tax?" or something along those lines?  They said I could go upto A2 in size but was thinking more A3 as A2 is pretty large although the larger the better perhaps!!  With the gym being mainly a male bodybuilding gym my colleague suggested a picture of an attractive young lady in a business suit to perhaps raise intial interest but personally Im not sure I could allow myself to misrepresent potential clients that way haha

Anyone done anything similar willing to share a few ideas? 

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Who do you want to attract?

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Well if it is a male bodybuilding gym you might also need a picture of a fake tanned chap in hotpants too :)

I guess the thing is to ask yourself what types of clients you are looking attract from the gym... Self Assessments? Business Owners?  Employees of firms?

If you know who those categories of people are then you can come up with the right messages for them about benefits of using you. 

Will you advertise a special discounted rate for gym members or a promotional code for them to use for referrals?

Good luck and hope you get some good leads :) 


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Thanks for the reply Maxxy

My practice is in its early stages so Im looking for all tyes of clients (with the exception of used car dealers!) but imagine the target audience at a gym like this one will be small owner managed businesses.  The clients I have from there runs a security company and the other one an electrical business.

Its a good idea about offering an incentive to gym members too, hadnt thought about that at all so will give it some more thought.



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Good luck :)

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Good luck with poster. I think it's a great idea for local business

What about something like a chap running on a treadmill with "Is your business running away with you?" (sorry, I am not in advertising) but you could come up with all sorts of eye catching and business related things :)


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Suggested images

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I use Istock images for ads as they are cheap and good qaulity.  Here are some ones that may be of interest and have some humour to them too.

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Big Fat headline, big fat image and not a lot of text.

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How close is your practice to the gym?

If it is a body building gym then presumably many of these people are in shape so a head line around being fit would be good.  'Your business needs a fitness program too'  or 'Your business would look better with a personal trainer too'

These people are used to paying monthly for things like their gym membership.  So you could try an offer of 'First month Free' or 'we will pay your gym membership for a month'.  You definitely need an offer.  have you heard of QR codes?  They are the funny black square 'bar codes'.  Your smart phone app can read them and take you straight to a web page or whereever you want to go.  That means you can limit the information on the poster and people will also save it into their phone by default.

The other thing you could do is have a facebook fan page logo on their so people know where they can find you.  Have you also thought about using it to promote events rather than just 'we are an accountant'.  Set up a series of small events where you can demonstrate your knowledge and that will give people something to respond to.  If they have a room, do the event at the gym to tie it in.

If you would like to chew over some other ideas please call me on 07903 655 169

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