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I recently wrote a blog about Google Local Business listings (Google Maps). The response was very positive and indeed many accountants have mailed me to say they have submitted their listing to Google or they are in the process of doing so.

As this is my first post in this discussion group I would be interested to hear the thoughts of other group members pertaining to local search engine marketing. My feeling is that local search generally across many industries and professions is going to become an ever more important feature of our marketing landscape.

Google themselves are as we speak trialling additional paid ads which will sit above Google Maps. Originally piloted in San Diego and San Francisco I have received several reports of other major US Cities showing the new Page 1 SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Google’s clear ambition to monetize as much of their primary asset (Page 1) as possible can only result in organic listings being pushed down the page. In fact the beta test page gives very little room to organic listings at all.

Local business searches in the UK are growing month on month. Fuelled by increased access to the internet via mobile devices and favourable pricing plans surfing the web for the majority is never further away than their pocket. And of course the other side to the equation is that there are more and more businesses with an on line presence to satisfy the unswerving thirst for information.

My conclusion is that unless you have spent a fortune on Local Search Engine Optimisation to my mind this new scenario if rolled out by Google presents you and your practice with a huge opportunity.

The three key areas of Page 1 will be Local Ads (Top Left) Pay Per Click Ads (Right Hand Side) and Google Maps (Now Main Body). My advice to you is that inclusion in all three must be a Google strategy worth pursuing. I am certain exposure on this scale will strengthen your ‘local’ message and as a result increase the number of engagements with local businesses targeting your ‘local practice’.

Of course this argument still holds water if Google do not roll out the proposed changes as there will always be 3 key areas for you to dominate.

I will endeavour to keep you updated with developments at Google as they happen.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith Consulting


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Hi Mike,

Just to say I thought that was a really good article :)



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