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Marketing for Plumbers Amnesty... anyone doing it?


With reference to I just wondered whether this had prompted anyone to undertake marketing specifically to this industry to build awareness and offer help?



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Hi Max,

It depends on the type of client you want to attract.
I think we would be remiss if we didn't advise our own clients.  As a local firm we feel this may be an opportunity to target potential new clients and we will be sending letters out to those plumbers/heating engineers within the area.  However whether we get much work from this is anyone's guess.  The key to this will be the follow up.



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It should do

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This is the type of real-time opportunity accountants can use to build better relationships with existing clients and bring new business in.

For example, I have developed a report Dangers of a Tax Investigation and firms can use this to develop a campiagn. The process is:

  • Send out a mailer offering the report (maybe not a letter)
  • Develop a follow up script offering a packaged service (e.g. Financial Systems Review)
  • Deliver the review and build value and sign up new business

One bookkeeper I work with used this to develop a 20 minute presentation at a networking event and it worked really well.

Good luck.

Bob Harper

Portfolio Marketing



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Totally agree it depends what types of clients you want to attract :)

Plumbing & Heating Engineers can vary quite a bit by size and structure of organisation so follow ups will probably be better at different times - for example smaller firms or one-man-bands have a better follow up rate if called early evening 5.30-7.30pm, probably with messages left on voicemails and answering machines too. Larger firms OK to follow up daytime.  Also, fax can work well too! 

I just thought I would raise this on here as I always think it is good to look for opportunities to demonstrate understanding of peoples industry.

Good luck everyone 

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