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New Years Marketing Resolutions ...

 So then... the new year is looming. It's a popular time for reviewing progress this year and making plans to do things differently and improve performance for the coming year. 

Has anyone thought of any New Years Marketing Resolutions yet?

Mine is to be more structured and disciplined with newsletters so that I am thinking about topics and content in advance rather than rushing around at the last minute. 

Anybody got any that they would like to share?



New Year's Resolutions

Blathnaid21 | | Permalink

-- Tristan

I' d like to apply better financial control to my own practice/thinking by :

1. Searching out a Practice niche as opposed to being a GP

2. Obtaining better return from the practice through - less bad debts, less writeoffs and better margins on  jobs

I'm just a sucker for trying to help clients in trouble - but inevitably end up with writeoffs.

All constructive comments welcome & yes the fault is all my own !


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Up front

petersaxton | | Permalink

If people seem like they are in trouble or can easily leave the country - Australians, South Africans, Polish, etc. - then ask for money up front or at least upon preparation.

Up Front

Akshay_Shah | | Permalink

Hi, speaking about up front it would be a good idea to also setup clients on a standing order to avoid bad debts, we have initiated this process and since seen our bad debts figures go down. The clients like it as they dont have to fork out large sum of money at the last moment and can also budget their expense to their accountants.

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Interesting that bad debts get a mention from a marketing questi

maxxy | | Permalink

... It just goes to show that credit policies play a part in marketing otherwise it is a cost of not just writing off bad debt but time and money wasted that could have been spent more profitably!

Credit limits are key as even with credit checks there is always a time delay with information being filed.  Taking payments in advance or on account is a sensible option. Also with limited companies taking a directors personal guarantee is an option sometimes. 

People also form an impression from accountants that if credit management and credit control is handled professionally from the outset then that's indicative of the other services on the menu. 

Any other new years marketing resolutions????


Oh, and improving profit margin via niche or specialised sector seems to be a popular choice so good luck with that and let us know how it goes Tristan :)

-- Twitter:@maxinemaxxy

Your post

david prince1 | | Permalink

I agree Tristan, write offs and looking for new opportunities are some of the most challenging prospects for any business. Like you I am looking at my existing client bank with a view to catogorising them in terms of needs, once I do that I can pinpoint the advice to be given and therefore by default achieve more value. Once I have sorted out my own house then I can concentrate on new business and this I intend to do by trying to understand the markets better and providing relevant and valuable advice to new and existing clients.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. :)

news letters

david prince1 | | Permalink

Hi Max,


Not sure whether you have tried but there are various agencies that publish news wires on behalf of accountants thus saving you that valuable time. They tend to be relevent and timely and can be white labelled to your business identity.

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