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Newspaper adverts

There's one accountant that I know who doesn't do any other form of marketing apart from one consistent advert that goes in the local paper.  It works for him, but has anyone got any advice or tips or views on advertising in magazines or newspapers?

How do you choose the paper you advertise in? How do you measure success?


Tried it twice

HudsonCo | | Permalink

Tried it twice with a simple ad but no response. Mailshots and website produce better results for the money.

I understand that newspaper ads have to be ongoing to be effective and I don't have that sort of budget.

have never advertised....

pollyanne | | Permalink

all been by word of mouth and I'm turning people away!

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How long should the ad run?

maxxy | | Permalink

@HudsonCo... All the sales reps for newspapers say that don't they! I just wondered what the length of time should be realistically to see a decent return.. would be useful if others have views to share on this.

The chap I was referring to runs an ad that says "Paying too much tax? Call me on xxx" and its in the paper every week for about 5 years!



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Newspaper advertising

SiKelly | | Permalink

Accountants should think about what they want to achieve from their advertising. If it’s a short term fix e.g. “I need more clients asap”, then I’d question the role of newspaper as the vehicle to do this. 

I’ve worked in the media the vast majority of my career, and I am a massive fan of regional press having witnessed the results it can achieve. I think there’s no better medium for getting people through your door. But, it depends upon the industry you are in – it’s great for retailers, but accountants are not retailers!

Potential clients are not always in the market – some will be browsing, some shopping around and there will be some who are in the market to change accountants with immediate effect. There will be others who may not be thinking of changing their accountant, but one day they might. One of its many benefits is that local press is great for branding. HudsonCo quite rightly states that ads have to be ongoing – true, you have to be committed to it and you have to maintain momentum to be effective. But, that doesn’t mean to say it will be expensive - your campaign / message needs to be different!

Creating local awareness is an objective of one of my clients, and naturally we utilise the local newspaper. Unlike Adwords, it’s difficult to measure its success, but it is in terms of recognition of the practice as a brand, its philosophy, and presence within the local business community, there is no finer vehicle! Yes, like all media,  it has its disadvantages and advantages – you just need to define your objective and gain an understanding of how to use your chosen vehicle effectively. 

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Marketing is never a short term fix!

karenreyburn | | Permalink

I do agree regarding the short-term fix concept, and would add that if any marketing effort you make is to try and quickly get clients with little effort, it's often not enough.  All marketing is essentially long term, even the efforts that DO result in immediate business, especially in professional services. Your goal is to get clients for life, and therefore you invest in marketing for life.  It is good to identify areas that are more or less successful, but I would say if you're having some success in a particular area (such as advertising), keep doing it.  You may see the effects ten years down the road.  Same with networking, sending out regular emails or newsletters, or anything.  It's very difficult to tell whether something is 'working' at times because we are looking at the short term.  Keep records of every single client you get and where they come from, and make your decisions based on the last five years of history, not the last five months or five days. 

Regarding selecting the right paper and having the right advert, etc., it's important to think about your target market.  Spend some time considering what your 'ideal client' is, and choose the papers/magazines/etc that they read.  If they read them online, advertise online.  Think geographically (do you only want local business or someone from anywhere in the world?) as well as in terms of personality type, business type, business size, and many other factors.  The more specific you are, the better the results.

Finally, an editorial or article is seen as much more trustworthy by the public than an advert.  Therefore,  I'd also encourage getting in touch with a PR business as they can be very helpful in assisting identifying your target market and getting you into the magazines that apply, in a way that will get you read about by the right people , and trusted by them more quickly.

Newspaper ads perhaps not the greatest

Azolla | | Permalink

I did an ad in a local newspaper and I didn't get much of a response so I'm not too convinced about the effectiveness. However, I do see ads in local free magazines and supplements and it's often the same advertisers so my guess is it must work for some people.

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