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Re-arranging appointments

This is the bain of my life at the moment.  Don't get me wrong, the appointments are usually good quality but I really want to reduce the re-arrange rate.  It's currently running at around 30% nationwide (some areas of UK have higher and lower rates)

Does anyone have any tips to share for having a low re-arrange rate for appointments.

I'd be interested to hear views too on whether you choose to confirm appointments beforehand to avoid wasting time for no shows or whether you choose to take a gamble on the day of the appointment on the basis that the client will make time for you.

Thanks :)


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Slow down and build motivation

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You will need to work with the accountants on this but slow it down and maybe put some options in place.  My guess is that you are going from telephone to meeting and the reason for the hassle is the level of commitment. How many accountants rearrange?  That's because they are motivated.

If you want to run a trial with one or two let me know. But, understand the accountant will need to be a little more sophisticated and elegant in their approach to prospecting.

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