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Sensible budgets for brand and website services

I appreciate this is a "how long is a piece of string" question, but would much appreciate guidance to get myself into the right frame of mind (i.e. if I'm going to invest £XXX I'd better make sure I get the most out of it) prior to meetings I have set up with a few brand / website / online marketing firms.

I want a redesign of my existing website, retaining a bit of the content but probably not much else. The website doesn't have many pages and is not, at this stage, to be designed with SEO top priority. More important is presenting the right image to prospective clients who have already head of me via referrals, networking etc. I want it to be smart, professional, slick and individual, but don't need it to be particularly clever. Of course, at this stage I have no idea what web designers consider "clever" but I'm prepared to adjust my ideas to make their job straightforward.

At the same time I want to change the name of my practice, and to do a mini re-branding excercise. I want advice on the basics - which colours to use, which font, a logo designed etc.

A couple of the people I have set up meetings with have already asked for my budget. The truth is that I don't really know, other than that it certainly doesn't run into thousands and thousands. What, in your opinion, would be a sensible starting point?


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Double the length from the middle to the end

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I am just about to release a video on this which will be part of the launch of design and Website solution aim3d at small firms.  Our view is that sole-traders should budget between £1,250 and £2,500 to cover:

  • Consultancy...branding and methodology
  • Design of corporate identity
  • Design of Website
  • Website Build
  • Set-up of an email marketing system
  • SEO and Social Media training and support

If you are interested, get in touch and I'll send you the video.  It should be ready next week.

We are likely to only work with one firm in each area to avoid a conflict of interest and only take two on a week.

Bob Harper

Portfolio Marketing


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I have always found it irritating when people ask me, as a one person band for my "budget". I found out the hard way that only by meeting several people doing websites, design, and marketing can you get any flavour of what they might do for you. I agree with Bob that you will probably end up spending at least £1,250 , if not more.

I favour small companies as suppliers but the problem with some of them is they promise much more than they can deliver. You sign up with them, and bingo, they get a big order from a large company and you are treated as third class. I would ask them what they charge for which service and refuse to give them a figure to play with.

I have also found if you are using smaller companies as suppliers, its best to segment the work. For example I have a rather stroppy graphic designer - but I feel his designs and prices are worth the aggro. He likes to think he understand the IT behind websites but I prefer to use a separate web hoster company, as he is not as techie as he likes to think. Meanwhile my web hoster company think they are fabulously creative but they are hopeless compared to my designer chap.

So do lots of research, think hard about committing all this stuff to one supplier and ask them to quote you for the work. Certainly don't offer any figure yourself. I spent it gradually, not the whole lot overnight.


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Better to think for yourself about what you want than other peop

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Tell them what you definately want and what you think would be nice and then ask them to make suggestions and quote for the suggestions. If you can't afford that then either suggest something gets removed or ask them to suggest what should be removed.

If you ask other people to give you advice then it could take hours. You have to think about it yourself and then jump in rather than ask people to write a book on the subject.

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A lot of people ask for an upfront cost for such a package of anything between £1000-£5000+ !

I can provide such re-design and indeed SEO services but for a monthly cost as oppose to massive upfront costs.

This works a lot better for SME's and ensures a continued relationship between designer and client.


Ben Head

More4Marketing Ltd



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