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Sponsoring a round-a-bout ... does it work for you?

I have seen a fair few round-a-bouts being sponsored by Accountancy firms and just wondered how this works for you, is it something that is measured or just part of a strategy for local brand awareness?

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Amusing Question

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This question amuses me Maxine, which I appreciate may sound strange!

As you are local to me you have probably already seen our "contribution" to the community.  The cost of which is not negligible.  

On a regular basis this P&L charge is raised at partners meetings as its ROI is so difficult to measure.  It creates strong, differing views across the partnership and I often conclude that the amount of time spent debating it actually costing more than the sponsorship.

...and here I am typing about it too!  :)


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Ha Ha

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Hi Toni

That's funny :)  

I'm obviously aware of our local lovely GH Roundabout but wanted to start this thread as I have come across quite a lot of sponsoring a roundabout marketing literature lately (perhaps I have just managed to get myself onto a list somewhere) 

I would imagine that it does well in terms of overall brand awareness but understand it is one of those difficult-to-measure activies.

Thanks for replying :)


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