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Welcome To Accountants and Marketing !

A quick note to welcome you to Accountants and Marketing.

We all know that we need to take part in marketing and selling but it quite often gets in the way of the real work, that activity that leads directly to an invoice.

So here is where we can all contribute to ideas that are both cost and time effective.

Lets all look forward to our discussions !


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Sales and marketing is the real work

husainweb | | Permalink

Hi Phil

One of the problems that i have encountered is that accountants seem to think that sales and marketing are something that distracts them from the real business of accounting. In fact it is the sales and marketing that gets the invoices (and money) flowing. Of course we all need to provide a quality service but without the sales and marketing getting the clients and and keeping them interested they could very easily be tempted elsewhere.

Many accountants seem to think that they aren't sales-people but the truth is that every human being on this planet has been involved in sales since the day they were born. As adults we're more inclined to aiming for win-win sales calls but that doesn't change the fact that we all have plenty of experience of sales (from both ends of the table) which we can use to our benefit. As a result we should all have more confidence in our abilities to sell because, in truth, it comes naturally to all of us.

Missed vocation

HudsonCo | | Permalink

I think I missed my vocation. Since starting my own business I've realised what fun the marketing side is. It's not that my marketing is great more that other accountants don't seem to be doing any.

Initially I was anxious about every penny that I spent but now I'm starting to see what works for me.

Enjoying marketing

Anonymous | | Permalink

 How lovely to hear professional accountants enjoying the sales and marketing. That is certainly an incentive.

It most certainly can be enjoyable. If seen as a chore or something that needs to be done reluctantly then it is never going to be a pleasure.

Personally , that is how I feel about tax returns :-)


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Marketing can be very enjoyable

maxxy | | Permalink

Glad someone mentioned that its not just about getting the clients but keeping them too!

Whether you want to be a marketing or salesperson or not it's a choice for any business including accounting.. it's a necessity.  It's what keeps people in touch with their target audiences.

People do tend to find things they are more comfortable with though.. ie; networking / social media / direct mail. Social media especially has helped no end with people being able to "engage" (I hate that word!) but in a non threatening or pressured way. I think the trick is to get a balance of what you are good at and what you enjoy doing and then find other people to do the other things :) 

I'm always surprised though that accountants really undervalue themselves in some particular niche areas or where they have particular strengths and experience... it seems to be down-played a lot, which is a shame!

Hopefully this discussion group will help people to share what works well for them or pass on their own experiences in the spirit of helping others :)

Am enjoying leading this group and hope the discussions continue. 




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