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"Your local accountant" - yes or no?

As per my previous thread here, I am in a central location. There is another, larger, accountant in town, but on the outskirts.

I'm pondering using "Your local accountant" on my premises signage .

Yes or no?

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petersaxton | | Permalink

 You are local to everyone viewing it!

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Well exactly ;-D

Monsoon | | Permalink

Any negatives for using it? Or is it a good line to use?

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What's In It For Me?

David Winch | | Permalink

What are the advantages to the client of you being local?  Have you asked some of them?  Do they even care?

If they do care, then publicising what they get out of you being local may well have more impact than the bland fact that you are!

David Winch

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I see what you're saying :)

I'm on the high street and I am focusing on expanding my local client base at the moment. I know a lot of my local clients do value the fact that I am local, because they can just drop in, etc. I don't actually want to advertise drop-ins though!!

I am getting an "A board" type sign to sit on the street so there isn't much room for a message on it, and the fact that I am bang smack in the centre of town (you can't get more central without being sat in the middle of the road) would reinforce just how local I am.

I suppose the other thing is the other firm have always been "the" accountant in town, and as the 2nd largest practice in town, I would like to reinforce that I am here!

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Just Drop In

David Winch | | Permalink

You don't need to extend this privilege to all and sundry.  It's one of the perks only available to those who've agreed to at least 12 months of your services.

Don't be tempted to put a list of all the services you offer on the 'A Frame'.  Instead list all these perks your clients enjoy and tell people how to get hold of you.  That may include "Come in and book an appointment" if you're happy with that.

David Winch

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Drop in

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Why don't you want clients dropping in?

We do ask clients to make an appointment if they want a meeting, or a few words with me personally, but what's the problem with them just dropping records in, collecting records, calling in to make an appointment, etc. whenever they are passing?

Potential clients dropping in can be told you are unavailable at the moment, but make them an appointment. Why not make the most of 'drop in's'?

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Sorry, what I mean is I don't mind clients dropping in. I don't necessarily want miscellaneous walk-ins! Despite being currently invisible I get them occasionally anyway. It doesn't really matter that much. I've probably taken this thread off on a less relevant tangent.... whoops.... there I go again!! :)

So, do we think "your local accountant" is ok, or pointless, or a definite no-no? I'm still in 2 minds about it.

Thanks :)

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Bit boring and obvious on it's own :)

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Hi Monsoon

Personally I think it is a bit obvious on it's own and doesn't give indication of benefits as it's leaving it up to people to work out what the benefits are themselves.  

If their existing accountant or other accountants they know of are local too then it's not much of a differentiator on it's own.

Being local is a feature... what are the benefits of that feature?  

Picking up on some of the things you have said on other threads you have an opportunity for other marketing messages that might be a bit more appealing but maybe combine them with local such as "Local and Friendly" or "Local Small Business Specialists" etc




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