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Are you up for the World Cup?

OK, I have to admit it - I'm getting just a little bit excited about the World Cup...

In our office this afternoon there was a sweepstake draw, which set us thinking about running something similar for AccountingWEB members. So whether or not you like football, there's a very interesting mystery gadget up for grabs as part of our virtual World Cup sweepstake.

We've asked members for their predictions as part of the sweepstake (no footballing knowledge is required to enter the draw), but we thought it would be appropriate to give enthusiasts somewhere to share their opinions during the tournament without interfering with other members' enjoyment of AccountingWEB.

So, with less than 24 hours before the first match I thought I would start things off by asking for more predictions, and tactical insights and general commentary on the tournament. As it develops, if there is a new topic you'd like to discuss, feel free to start another World Cup thread in this group.

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my head says Spain but they are serial underperformers

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both USA and UK could get to semis

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