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Funny Friday photo

I received this in my email inbox today....

Gina Dyer's picture

That's enough monkeying around...

Gina Dyer | | Permalink

back to work!

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Tag line

colinagordon | | Permalink

" The Accounting Performance Evaluators look a bit rough this year"

Gordon's cronies

andrew wallace | | Permalink

Well it's true what they say, higher primates share the same 98% genetic material as the labour party !

ianthetaxman's picture

Gorillas in the mist..... of what?!

ianthetaxman | | Permalink

.....the Ninja gorillas got together for a bit of a group photo, now that they had chosen their sacrificial "banana" to offer to their king..... 

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Need to find a banana?

robert0183 | | Permalink

Just call 11ape 11ape

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