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How do you wind down?

After a long day striving with tax returns, how do you wind down your brain? I've found going straight to bed after a long day just gives me a long night doing returns in my sleep, so I like to do something to "switch off" when I finally turn the lights out for the night. My favourites at the moment include playing on Band Hero on the Wii with my kids (very slow drummer, but they reckon I've got the rocker style!) and completing our Christmas 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Yours may be TV, radio or another activity - perhaps we can swap ideas to provide more variety. As January progresses "shut down" gets later so the Band Hero will eventually become too anti social and I'll need another suggestion. Any thoughts?

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Narrowboat | | Permalink

Rebecca I swim miles when I want to relax. I have a key card to my club pool and I just pound up and down on my own at all sorts of strange times. I think of all sorts of horrid tax type stuff in the pool but when I come home I'm really relaxed.

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What about burning a feelgood CD to play in the car on your way home ?  I also have a very noisy one to wake me up for the 6.15 am train run .

Alternatively, if you really can't unwind, why not have fun composing a relevant playlist ?







i find that sex and drugs and rock and roll work fine

carnmores | | Permalink

but then i am rather old fashioned

and if i tried a jigsaw its a racing certainty that i would tip the table over

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I'm even more old fashioned

Phil Rees | | Permalink

For me it's sex, drugs and sausage rolls.


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The 6.15 am train run, Naomi?

Cuchulainn | | Permalink

I'm afraid I know only one 6.15 in the day and it's certainly not the morning one.

Nothing will ever make me get up regularly at that sort of hour. It's no life....

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I was more concerned

RebeccaBenneyworth | | Permalink

about the word "run" in there. If by that is meant vigorous exercise (of a type not referred to elsewhere in this thread) it really is a step too far (as is the Wii fit - I have to leave the room).

A bit of enthusiastic drumming works up a distinct glow and my guitarists are getting quite animated (especially playing Dire Straits' Sultans of Swing). I'm afraid I'm banned from the guitar on grounds of incompetence.

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Nothing so exciting

naomi2000 | | Permalink

I hate mornings too and nothing in this life will make me run for fun. 

I drive my husband to the station at 6.15am so that he can catch the last morning train on which he is almost certain to get a seat and leave the office on the last afternoon train for which the same is true.

It does give me some quiet time to plan my day before I start properly so while it doesn't help me unwind, it does stop me getting wound up.





nice one Phil

carnmores | | Permalink

i forgot about those

Swimming and sudoku

Shirley Martin | | Permalink

And, when all else fails, chocolate.



Run run run

ianvogan | | Permalink

Sorry everyone, but the true wind down this (early) evening will be a run. At the moment its chucking it down, lets hope it stays that way because real relaxation is running in the rain without my ipod.

Andthen I can enjoy the sex and drugs and sausagerolls with a clear concience.


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Swedish Chef | | Permalink

I take some poultry, bounce it around the kitchen a few times, then throw it into a basketball hoop.

Et voila - chicken in a basket!

Walking, Reading and Super Hanjie

sarahf | | Permalink

Super Hanjie is, very basically, colouring in for adults; but it requires enough thinking to take your mind off work.

As someone else said... if all else fails, there's chocolate.

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Still working Friday

RebeccaBenneyworth | | Permalink

I'm manning the helpline for my software company and will wrap it up at about 8 tonight. I have recently discovered a really sad (but quite fun) games website called which has 250 free games. My kids directed current favourite is Ancient sad am I? Tax returns on the home run now, but very busy on the phones. Last weekend I spent my hours off filming with Joy Swift for a new Murder Mystery Online game which involved being quizzed by the "police", having a wrestling fight with another actress and a few other fun things - all for the camera. Certainly a good way to relax - but I guess you had to be there! We launch on March 1st and I'm hoping for fame in a new career!

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If you want pointless but stress busting games...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

... google damn birds

brilliant just pretend the birds are tax or vat inspectors, pain in the ass clients etc.

Am I the only accountant who was upset they didn't move the deadline to November as mooted? I would love to have a carefree Christmas again, and to enjoy a guilt free season's beating.

Red wine

Cruncher Alan | | Permalink

Left the office about 8 last night, went home, cooked salmon, had a glass of  red wine, went to bed, back in office at 8 this morning. Who needs to relax.............

Cuddle my Bloke

Anonymous | | Permalink

We can only see each other at weekends, so cuddles mean Friday!! (and pub...)

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@ Swedish Chef

Democratus | | Permalink

Yeah bor humberding, humber dish bor doo. Yeah bor humberding doo. Bosrsh Borsh Borsh.

It's hard to beat a bit of culinary creativity, though i try to avoid the sports equipment.

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justinelaws | | Permalink

Mozart, candles, and crisp, cold chablis.

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@ Rebecca

JazzySasha | | Permalink

Be sure to let us know when your Murder Mystery comes online so we can all see you in your starring role - sounds great!

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Resident Evil 5

spacysam | | Permalink

I love nothing more than getting home, turning on my Playstation 3 & slaughtering some zombies!

Its even better if I can do it with some friends!

That seems to make time disappear and before you know it its bedtime & im all relaxed

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