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Paperless Office

I am an accountant.  To me paperless office is like a paperless toilet, highly undesirable!

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The paperless office...

cverrier | | Permalink

like the paperless toilet, will never happen...

The idea (much like with a toilet) is not to mind when the used paper is thrown away rather than hole-punched and kept for six years....


paperless toilet willnever happen?

wildgoose1uk | | Permalink

The paperless toilet will never happen?........... Clearly you have never been on holiday in the interior of Turkey!  Now that WAS an experience!

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Now that takes me back!

Nigel Hughes | | Permalink

You need to try the Inca trail with a dose of the runs!

what a cloisteres existence you all lead

carnmores | | Permalink

there are paperless loos - i have one - especially designed for older people like me - i ownt bore you with the technical deatils...........

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Paperless office

Supercal | | Permalink


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I think it was a typo...

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

.... and carnmores meant cloistered, unless he was talking about the facilities at a well known but incorrectly spelt ski resort!

typo indeed

carnmores | | Permalink

i like klosters and davos mind you

Paperless Loos

chatman | | Permalink

I now need to know how they work. 

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typo indeed

Supercal | | Permalink

nonsense! given the time of year, he was obviouslt referring to the action of the Glorious Glosters, our local regiment, at Imjin River in 1951

Col-loo-borative Working

Karen Watson | | Permalink

Happy to oblige the chap who wants to know how they work. Hurrah for Japan!

i call mine Geyser

carnmores | | Permalink

I want one.

chatman | | Permalink

And there was me thinking I was completely paperless. Now, how much do they cost, and where can I get one?

Toiletless Toilet

Sai Saree | | Permalink

I had the pleasure of a toilet less toilet in India.

Mind you, a 2 inch paint brush on a length of rope was provided to facilitate the ejection of offending waist into the street via a mouse hole in the wall.

All this to the amusement of a dozen locals peering through the public gallery above ones head.....

Paperless office

Rafiullah Jawad | | Permalink

there will be one day that no paper will be kept in the offices.


Believe it

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Paperless office

Supercal | | Permalink

I vote for Wednesday  25th October 2012.

So does no-one know...

chatman | | Permalink

...where I can get  a paperless toilet? 

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Not this office

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

There will always be the case with a pad and pencil fixed to the wall, inscribed with the immortal legend

"in case of emergency break glass"

how about John Lewis

carnmores | | Permalink

cant one buy anything there

Paperless is a waste of time

lordburnside | | Permalink

My scanner takes ages. Most of the stuff I used to scan can be found online so I just pile it up no. Saves filing and scanning. I reckon piles of paper store heat.

Anything important is dealt with straight away then the paperwork becomes useless. Don't file just pile.

Make jotters out of the printouts if you want.

Enlightened accountant

Can't find one at John Lewis

chatman | | Permalink


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