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Phishing scam warnings

I dined last night with an embittered  50 year old ex HSBC banker who, in between tediously reciting how he  was permptorily dismissed after 30 years service because he did not reach his monthly target for selling life insurance policies, ( quite right too) imparted some useful tips about spotting phishing scams. Most of these are meticulously prepared with perfect logos and  labour and attention to detail that really, if only out of  admiration for the sheer effort expended,  deserve to be rewarded with your sortcode and account number. If not a crossed cheque.

But apparently there is an absurdley implausible one doing the rounds at the moment purporting to originate from HMRC about everyone due a tax refund because they (HMRC) have miscalculated everyone's tax code for the last 2 years. As if! These scams should be stamped on as sloppy as they obviously originate beyond these shores from some place not on the map



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They do originate from a point on the west coast of Africa. So do most of all the other phishing scams.

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Low flying humour

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Did you duck as that flew over your head?

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