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What are the top CDs of the decade?

After looking at some recent music magazines, the thought struck me last night that this may be the last chance we have to run a thread like this. By the time 2019 comes around, the polycarbonate Compact Disc will probably be a historical curiosity as quaint to us as a Bakelite dial telephone.

I also wondered why the music journalists should get all the fun. The time has come for accountants and real music lovers to have their say. What are the CDs that have meant the most to you over the past 10 years?

Perhaps our deliberations here will help those of you who are better at planning tax shelters and spending plans than Christmas gifts a chance to run out and get some must-have music for their loved ones. As Delia put it so lyrically, "Come on now, let's be havin' you!"
John Stokdyk, Technology editor


Here is the top 10 from Amazon anyway! And no I don't like any o

danblackett | | Permalink

1. Shania Twain- Come on Over (22 Million Sales)
2. Whitney Houston- The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album (19.1 Million Sales)
3. Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill (19 Million Sales)
4. Hootie & the Blowfish- Cracked Rear View (16.1 Million Sales)
5. Garth Brooks- No Fences (16 Million Sales)
6. Garth Brooks (lol)- Double Live (15 Million Sales)
7. Santana- Supernatural (14.6 Million Sales)
8. Backstreet Boys- Backstreet Boys [ENHANCED CD] (14.1 Million Sales)
9. Garth Brooks- Ropin' the Wind (14 Million Sales)
10. Britney Spears- ...Baby One More Time [ENHANCED CD] (13.9 Million Sales)

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I like a very broad range of music, but find myself playing 'Freddie Mercury - Made in Heaven', over & over again. I also like all the relaxing classical music, it helps me unwind, and fast classical or dance music helps get the housework done quickly.

top cd's

rossboss24 | | Permalink

Off the top of my head i cant think of a favourite one for the decade, I have albums that are good for different purposes.

System of a Down " toxicity" is good for speeding through general housejobs or to help ease the frustration of a rubbish day at work.

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The Rising

Nigel Hughes | | Permalink

Rather skewed for me by the digital re-release of the Beatles catalogue but maybe that doesn't count.

Flirted a bit with K T Tunstall's Eye to the Telescope

But I think it has to be The Rising by Springsteen

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In no particular order

DeborahLesley | | Permalink

And for different reasons


The Script                    -     The Script

Keane                          -     Hopes and Fears

James Blunt                 -     All The Lost Souls

The Feeling                  -    Twelve Stops and Home

The Black Eyed Peas    -    Monkey Business


To name but a few.  I have about 3500 songs on my iPod consisting of just about every genre possible.

Depending on what I am working on depends on what I listen to.

At the moment I am listening to Paul Potts, Passione.    I am a sucker for a tenor!!



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Here's my selection

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

As promised, I thought I'd let others get the ball rolling first. You can nominate just your favourite of favourites, or a few that you're certain of. But I liked danblacket's format - 10 top CDs to cover the decade. When more members have piled in with their suggestions, we'll compile it into a more tidy list.

Here are my votes:

1. Moses - The Swimming Zoo
2. The Phantom Band - Checkmate Savage
3. The Leisure Society - The Sleeper
4. Midlake - The Trials of Van Occupanther
5. Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans
6. Brakes - Give Blood
7. Original Soundtrack - O Brother, Where Art Thou? - (producer: T-Bone Burnett)
8. Gillian Welch - Time (The Revelator)
9. Anton Barbeau & Su Jordan - Automatic Door
10. CS Rippin - Myth & The Mile (bought on holiday in Canada, but worth tracking down if you can!)

Looking forward to seeing your nominations!
John Stokdyk, Technology editor


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@danblackett - I absolutely love your choices! Backstreet Boys - awesome!!! I would have to add Take That's 'The Circus' - that's my favourite album of the decade and not just because they've all aged incredibly well! It's got some great stadium fillers on there like 'Shine' and 'Hold up a Light', which are brilliant live.

Oh, and Lily Allen, 'Alright, Still'. Very zeitgeisty. (If that's a word?!)

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Apart form the appalling Amazon top ten submitted by Dan, I'm afraid I've only heard of Freddie Mercury amongst the other posters lists. I can't be that out of touch can i? There are some very good popular beat combos out there.

For me it's Sicksick Steve's Doghouse Blues and recently Imelda May.



danblackett | | Permalink


That was just the top selling from Amazon - and I am afraid I am more Lily Allen/Seasick Steve/Kings of Leon than Take That but hey I can be flexible.

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Opening new doors...

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

Hey Democratus, don't be so downbeat - the whole point of the list is to put forward the music you like and know! I know my list is a little off the beaten track, but the other benefit of this thread is that maybe you might pick up a few intriguing suggestions to broaden your musical palette.

Seasick Steve is a great suggestion. I've seen him at a festival, but not the next step to checking out his CDs. Will now do so on the basis of the recommendations from you and Dan. If you like rootsy Amercian music, then O Brother has got to be one to check - Lily Allen, The Strokes and Kings of Leon aside it is probably the decade's single most influential CD because of the way it revived interest in old-time and bluegrass music. The songs may be a little quieter than Seasick Steve and the Kings of Leon, but Man of Constant Sorrow by The Soggy Bottom Boys definitely rocks.

As do The Phantom Band, a bunch of Glaswegians weirdos who combine elements of Kraftwerk, Captain Beefheart, The Beach Boys and doom-laden Scottish folk music into a really entertaining new hybrid (I beleive "defies classification" is the official term for such outfits). I was really chuffed to see the Word magazine agreed with me and picked their song 'Howling' as one of the tracks of the decade.

Moses have made an appearance on this site once or twice in the past - basically Hartlepool's answer to The Everly Brothers and one of the UK's great unsung bands of the decade. They should be huge, as should The Leisure Society, another classic pop-influenced band who at least seem to be heading in the right direction after a very successful year. If, like me, you have a taste for Beatle-y psychedelia, Anton Barbeau ("the cult singer's cult singer") is another huge talent who should be more widely known. These really are the records I've played most over the past few years... But enough for now of my obscure tastes - I'm more interested in hearing about the albums AccountingWEB.co.uk members turn to. (PS - don't forget, there is a bit of an old timer's twist to this thread. Those younger folk who download all their songs electronically and listen on iPods won't be so familiar with listening to an entire album all the way through as the artist planned it.

Keep those nominations coming in so we can build up a truly representative list!
John Stokdyk, Technology editor

a littel off the beaten track John

carnmores | | Permalink

not not even on the sat nav! i havent heard of any of them and i worked in the mus biz for ages , mind you i do watch x factor with all the other sad old gits and listen to radio 4

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Not an easy question that!

GaryMc | | Permalink


Trying to narrow down to ten is quite a job - ask again in a months time and I might come up with a different answer!

Gnarls Barkley - St Elsewhere

David Gilmour - On an Island

Coldplay - Viva La Vida

Killers - Sams Town

Killers - Hot Fuss

White Stripes - Elephant

Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP

The Darkness - Permission to Land

Goldie Lookin Chain - Greatest Hits

Elbow - Seldom Seen Kid

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Er John!

DeborahLesley | | Permalink


I beg to differ.  Its not just the younger people who have iPods.  I have one (which I just couldnt be without now) and I am the wrong side of 50, although I do tell eveyone I am 39, and no, they dont believe me!!!

And.............. I do download whole albums.

Music is the heart of our soul.    Mmmm........ where did that come from!!!!

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Democratus | | Permalink

Thanks John - as i age, at it seems an exponential rate my tastes are moving more and more to the blues / bluegrass spectrum, though i still get it on to Sweet sometimes, in the car with no family to be embarressed. I can see a trip to my nearest Gramophone purveyor will be needed - i'll certainly check out the O Brother album as i did enjoy the bits i heard on the bits of the movie i managed to see. And the Phantom Band- looks interesting.

Not sure my teenage kids will think i'm any cooler though?

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2009 has marked a huge sea change for me, with the advent of Spotify.  I am a huge music fan, the iPod count is 15,000 and there's always been music on in my offices over the years.  It's just that the places where I live my life have predominantly got a computer or an iPod dock.  So my main Spotify playlist is now into the few thousand levels and just shuffles along unless I get some unexpected urge to listen to Caravan's Land of Grey & Pink or find out whether the fuss over Little Boots is worth it (er, no).  The down-side is that it has removed any need to buy new CDs - I think I've bought 3 all years.  I can't listen to the new Editors album in the gym, but then the first two are on the iPod.

I hope any of you out there doing likewise realise that you require a PRS license to play music anywhere than on the personal PC of the proprietor.  So if anyone else is using Spotify, LastFM or similar, or even listening to a radio such that others can hear it you should be paying a license fee. 

The early noughties did bring some masterpieces

1. Muse - Hysteria, Black Holes & Revelations

2. The Killers - Hot Fuss

3. Keane - Hopes and Fears

4. Thirteen Senses - The Invitation

5. Scissor Sisters - Scissor Sisters

6. Lily Allen - It's Not Me, It's You

7. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

8. Eels - Blinking Lights & Revelations

9. Interpol - Our Love to Admire

10. Ryan Adams - Gold

Don't just stick to Spotify!!

johnsbaker | | Permalink

I agree that Spotify is an excellent piece of software (as is Last FM), but it doesn't contain some of the emerging talent:

1 Oli Brown  -  Open Road

2 Back Door Slam  -  Roll Away

My tastes are pretty varied, but three albums I would list are from the same Artist:

3 Joe Bonamassa  - You and Me

4 Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin

5 Joe Bonamassa  -  The Ballard of John Henry

If your tastes are a little more Progressive (in the Pink Floyd mould), try:

6 Porcupine Tree  -  Deadwing

7 Riverside - Second Life Syndrome

8 Pineapple Thief - Variations on a Dream

As far as the older artists, can't beat:

9 Eric Clapton  -  Me and Mr Johnson

10 Chris Rea  -  Blue Guitars

For a laid back extra:

Madeleine Peyroux  -  Careless Love

If you are willing to consider Music DVDs

1 Dave Gilmour - Live in Gdansk

2 Joe Bonamassa  -  Live at the Royal Albert Hall


Now if you want to open it up to earlier decades.........................................



How about.....

richardmeadows | | Permalink

.... some of the cd's I have in the car

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf, and Lullabies to Paralyze
Foo Fighters - One by One, and In your Honour
Kasabian - West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
Killers - Sams Town

Brilliant, but they're in the car because my wife doesn't like them in the house.

Wives & Music

johnsbaker | | Permalink

Richard's post concerning playing music in the car, reminded me to ask a very important question to those who have to listen to their music choice, at home, on headphones.........

Am I the only man whose wife remembers topics of conversation that require immediate discussion within seconds of donning the headset?


john wayne

carnmores | | Permalink

you are quite a modern cove!

i  suspect probably wrongly that we are all generationally challenged when it comes to music tho there are a few a luckly few to can handle the ageing process better than others

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Modern Cove or Old Git?

MarionMorrison | | Permalink

Well I am of course a well-preserved (pickled?) 50-something but my kids and in particular their friends have kept me reasonably up to speed.  But then the idea that music has Golden eras is rubbish.  It goes in waves - except that everyone is preprogrammed to love the music that is current when they are 15-25, even if it's complete tosh.

So my girls still hold the 90's with some affection despite its limitations.  Now late 90's music is the cheese of choice in any student-driven club.  S Club 7 and Steps are the Beach Baby and Come Up and See Me of our times.

The early 00's was just a cracking era for new bands.  Sadly, since 2005 there hasn't been much too get excited about.  The last new artist I really liked was the Ting Tings.  Lily Allen isn't really a new thing, but the second album is just so much better, wittier and sharper than the first. 

And btw, Spotify is ideal for exploring new stuff (he says, whilst the previously-unheard-of Pineapple Thief play on in the background).

Oh and Peter Gabriel's Up should be in that list at the expense of someone or other.

MM you sure the lucky few

carnmores | | Permalink

wait till the grand children arrive! 

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TrevorJSmith | | Permalink

My top 10 , impossible to restrict it to 10, but your inclusion of Oli Brown, Johnsbaker, I am so impressed, this guy (Oli not you JB, although you may be) is amazing seen him twice. How old is he 18?....

Great thread John S, as for Amazon top 10, go figure!!!


Update for Trevor on Oli Brown

johnsbaker | | Permalink

I saw him again on Wednesday. He's getting on a bit now - 19!!  If you like him - look out for Virgil and the Accelerators - Guitarist 18 (Just); Bassist 16; Drummer 16 (Just).  Heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Really encouraging to see a lot of new talent coming through.  God I sound like my father!! - now where's my pipe and slippers........

TrevorJSmith's picture

Blues Link

TrevorJSmith | | Permalink

Thank you John, maybe we need a blues link here :)  i'll try and check Virgil out next year, hoping to see Buddy Guy at 02 in 2010. Always looking for good live blues. Take care. 

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Quite a mixture!

nigel | | Permalink

My favourite CD over the last few years? Probably 'Long Road out of Eden' by the Eagles, closely followed by everything the Dixie Chicks have released. Favourite CD of 2009 undoubtedly 'Love on the Inside' by Sugarland. Saw them in London this summer, simply brilliant.

Over the past 10 years?  I have got to that age where I feel I need to re-assemble my all-time favourite records on CD (or at least i did before Spotify came along). My CD collection has been growing with my old favourites by Sam Cook, Pink Floyd, Carole King, ZZ Top, Cat Stevens and the Beatles. Just got the re-mastered White album, what a classic.

Currently I am enjoying a Christmas playlist on my iPod featuring the three Kings - blues legends Freddie King, Albert King and BB King.

John - good to see Sufjan Stevens get a mention. I'm getting into his music thanks to my student daughter's prompting. Have a go at his Christmas albums too.


Anonymous | | Permalink

Very difficult one this, also time goes so fast i can not remember when they came out and probably longer than ten years ago, and my music taste is very ecclectic - Metallica to classical!!

I had a look at spotify and you need an invitation to have a look properly, if any one feels that they could send an inviation to me, please do at

[email protected]

Much appreciated, and i will have to have a look at some of the bands etc above.

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Sorry, but...

MarionMorrison | | Permalink

Unfortunately you have to be a Premium member of Spotify to be handing out invitations.  All part of their plan to make a more worthwhile business model which I admire with an accountant's hat on and abuse as a music fan.

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What a fantastic thread!

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

I love any opportunity to talk about music and am lucky that I have another music fan sit next to me in the office so I get to indulge a lot!

There are some fantastic offerings above, and some which I will need to research, but to throw just a few of mine into the mix (and luckily I have had time to think about this because me and said colleague had this exact conversation just the other week) - The following are albums which have had the biggest impact on me in the last decade for different reasons:

Flavors of Entanglement - Alanis Morissette

From Underneath the Cork Tree - Fall Out Boy

Decadence - Head Automatica

Alas, I Cannot Swim - Laura Marling

Only Revolutions - Biffy Clyro

And now, as always happens when I go into a record shop, my mind has gone blank!

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In no particular order

shurst | | Permalink

How the West was Won - Led Zeppelin (live, in their gently understated prime)

The Awkward Recruit - Mawkin:Causley

Supernature - Goldfrapp (mainly for the TRex-ish first track)

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Collaborative Spotify playlist!

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

The frequent mentions of Spotify triggered an idea that came to life when a friend sent me a link to his firm's Christmas playlist...

I've started a Spotify playlist entitled AccountingWEBuk's CDs of the Decade. Members of this group are the executive selection committee, so go in and take a look.

I'm still working on it just now - but looking forward to seeing what we end up with. I'll make sure the media knows all about it before New Year's Eve.


John Stokdyk's picture

OK, who's the joker who put Freebird on the playlist?

John Stokdyk | | Permalink

I'm sure it wasn't me and suspect that someone here is having a little joke at my expense.

On checking, I did find there was a Lynyrd Skynyrd reissue CD in 2008, but that way madness lies...

For information, this is how the list has been compiled so far:

  • The first 10 tracks represent the most popular CD choices from our informal poll. (I've gone for the obvious hits, or followed the Spotify popularity ratings)
  • The next 10-15 tracks are songs we would include on our conceptual AccountingWEB CD of the Decade - most people listening to the playlist for an hour or so would probably hear them.
  • The next 30 or so tracks are from titles suggested on this thread and the companion news item by other AccountingWEB members.
  • Anything after that are additions that you feel have been overlooked and merit wider attention.

As explained, for the moment the playlist can be edited by anyone who has access to the URL, but I will lock it down on the morning of Wednesday 30 December before telling the rest of the world about our little project. If you aren't already a Spotify member, you should end up on a page explaining what it's all about - sorry if you were planning to do some work or buy/wrap presents this afternoon!

To help keep mischievious additions, squabbling and playlist chaos to a minimum here are some suggested conventions for editing the list:

  • You can alter items in the top 25, but please respect the public vote (even if you don't like some of the albums selected!). Try to limit the total number of placing movements to a cumulative total of 10 (ie move Take That up 5 places, James Blunt up 3 and Seasick Steve down 2)
  • If you think an unrepresentative song is in the list, or that an overlooked gem on the CD has been ignored, feel free to swap it in and move the existing song to a suitable position
  • I haven't put much effort into sequencing the tracks - so indulge your inner DJ and shuffle tracks into a more suitable and artistically coherent order. One DJ I know tends to group songs at his 70s-90s Cheese Metal night into 20min sets; try experimenting with that approach as you go down the list
  • While poking around Spotify, it was impossible to avoid running across new CDs & tracks that I wanted to add - so you can do the same. To keep the list manageable (below 100 tracks, say), try to limit yourself to 2-3 additions - OK, then: 5 at the absolute max.

If anyone messes with your selection, or you have a major argument with how the list is shaping up, please post your gripe here for democratic resolution.

Have fun with it!
John Stokdyk, Music/Technology editor

Here's my choice in no particular order

MScrivener | | Permalink

Polyphonic Spree - Together We're Heavy

Nine Inch Nails - With teeth

Gossip - Music for Men

British Sea Power - Do you like rock music

Goldfrapp - The Seventh Tree

Horrors - Primary Colours

Gary Numan - Pure

David Bowie - Heathen

Divine Comedy - regeneration

Kate Bush - Aerial

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OK. here's mine

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

In order, the first is actually from 1998 , but in true accountant style I have rounded to the nearest ten, particularly as I have only just discovered it and can't stop playing it:

  1. Aeroplane over the sea - Neutral Milk Hotel;
  2. Sigh no More - Mumford & Sons;
  3. Reservoir - Fanfarlo
  4. Seldom seen kid - Elbow;
  5. Peaceful, the world lays me down - Noah and the Whale;
  6. Alas, I cannot swim - Laura Marling;
  7. A'larum - Johnny Flynn;
  8. Catherine the waitress - Teitur;
  9. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foses;
  10. Hot Fuss - Killers

Note for MarionMorrison, get yourself on bandstand busking.com, there are some fantastic new bands around at the moment, they just don't get played on the Simon Cowell type "mainstream" radio. You can see many of them on there, Fanfarlo as above are there and I also love Lulu and the Lampshade's (but thats more to do with sex than drugs and rock'n'roll - lol). I also recommend the Geoff Lloyd show on Absolute Radio as the closest modern equivalent of John Peel in terms of giving new talent airtime.

OK only just looked at the dates of the older postings and realised this is an old but premature thread, as we all know, the decade doesn't end until 31/12/2010 does it!

That said, the best cure for the January blues is my best of Pucini CD, and for those who don't know the genius of Jeff Mangum, see here (if you bother to listen, note the use of a theremin):


AnnaKournikovasKnickers's picture

Top 10 CD's of the decade (i.e. > 2000?)

AnnaKournikovas... | | Permalink

I would question the premise that some of the selections qualify. I am ashamed to say that my CD's are not indexed so I can't find my copies of most of the selected items (res ipsa liquitor)! But my recollection is that some predate 2000 AD

RichardWhight's picture

Of the beaten tracks...

RichardWhight | | Permalink

Well mine in no order at all are:

  1. Filia Brazillia - The Speewah
  2. Iz & Diz - Love Me Right
  3. Nuyorican Soul - The Nervous Track (Horny Mix)
  4. Future Sounds of London - Papa New Guinea
  5. Boards Of Canada - Divan Cowboy
  6. Japan - Still Life In Mobile Homes
  7. Lexicon Avenue - Midnight on West 27th Street
  8. Radiohead - Nude
  9. The Orb - Codes
  10. Orbital - Chime

Of all of these I really love the Nuyorican Soul track and the Filia Brazillia one too.



MScrivener | | Permalink

I used Amazon to check my release dates.

Surely Japan predates 2000!!!!!!!

RichardWhight's picture


RichardWhight | | Permalink

Yep. Will re-post as some more of those were also pre-2000


Edit: Now posting

  1. Mr Scruff - Hairy Bumpercress
  2. Gregor Tresher - The Now People
  3. Peter Kruder - Coste
  4. Schmoov! - Playground
  5. Wagon Christ - Shadows
  6. Bulent Gurler - Koala
  7. Cosmic Groove Transmission - Are Owse
  8. Boards Of Canada - Divan Cowboy
  9. Lexicon Avenue - Midnight on West 27th Street
  10. Radiohead - Nude

I think this is all post 2000 now.

CD's of the Decade

Anonymous | | Permalink

What's a CD?. Are they those small records - bit smaller than an EP (extended play that is)?

Haven't bought a CD this century as I am still playing 33rpm records (that revolutions per minute) - they last so long and the music lives on..................................................

Eddie Cochran's Ghost


Your so decadent

dennywren1 | | Permalink

Hey you are so modern

I remember speeds of 16 revs per minute, great funs playing those at 78rpm 


Old Greying Accountant's picture

We may not be modern

Old Greying Acc... | | Permalink

But we at least know grammar!

If you are going to take the p**s, get it right or it's you who is the butt of the joke.

Your = belonging to you

You're = lazy way of saying you are


Now, time for bed said Zebedee, its way past your bedtime, even if you're on Easter holiday.

Anyway, I never saw the point of changing from wax cylinders (well not until we had that global warming thing a couple of years back, made them go a bit soft!)


AnnaKournikovasKnickers's picture

CD's of the decade

AnnaKournikovas... | | Permalink

I think that your turntable is out of whack. My Thorens goes at 33 and a third.

Let's have some Rockabilly!

Supersnipe | | Permalink

Recent re-releases on Charly Records:

Sonny Burgess - "The Arkansas Wild Man"

Carl Mann - "Rockin' Mann"

Sleepy Labeef - "A Rockin' Decade"

Warren Smith - "Rockabilly Legend"

and a genuine 21st Century Italian rocker:

Rockin' Bonnie and the Rot Gut Shots(!) - "Cocktail Jubilee" (especially track 1 - `Bell Bottom Boogie')





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