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What is being an accountant like?

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Try this -

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Not so much superhero, more like a strange use for WMDs!

Like being on a treadmill!

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Early April notices to complete tax returns are sent out to all your clients.

This means the efficient/hyperactive clients send you their books immediately.

3 months later the second wave comes.

Then 3 months after the third wave comes.

Then nothing happens until December when you run off a list of clients who havent sent their books in.

Panic ensues. This causes excessive drinking and partying at Christmas to help you forget the magnitude of the task to be done.

Then comes January. Back to work. Now the clients are panicking. Fines are coming unless you finish their accounts in time but you cannot get the work done for clients coming in with records, ringing up to ask all sorts of questions, more lists, short lists and then one day before deadline there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it maybe switched on.

Ist of February accountants are slumped in their chairs exhausted. Then they realise there is billing to be done and they perk up a bit.

Early April it all starts again.

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Glad its not just me then...

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... m'lud.

So, why can't we have a 30th November deadline, then we can all have a good Christmas with a cash flow to enjoy it with!!

Tax Returns!

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Switched to Industry, one year end, one tax return, bliss.

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Variety - the spice of life

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Or is it Jack of all trades...

In my dark moments it's all pants, and so far removed from humanity!

May be Sir Bob had it right all along!

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