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Which is the best sit com related to the a/c profession?

This question was raised over on Any Answers, so I've moved the discussion here. What are your views?

Isn't Reginald Perrin an accountant? I suppose I would have to say him because I can't think of any other sit coms involving accountants!

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Black Books

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At the very start of the series Bill Bailey's character, Manny, is an accountant. He takes over doing the accounts when Bernard Black's previous accountant is pursued by the police. Leads to the classic line that I'm sure many of us have wanted to use when a client says there may be a gap in their records.

"Yes, there's this gap where your records should be"

Reggie Perrin FCA - NOT??

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Reggie was in Marketing at Sunshine Desserts in the original series.  I have not seen the remake, and have little desire to so do.

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Beats Month Python.
(C.A.s of a nervous disposition should not view this sketch)


Sitcom accountants

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How about Norm on Cheers?

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The Producers?

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OK, I know it's not a sitcom, but I think it deserves a mention

Re: The Producers

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Yes an excellent film & stage show.

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Great shout, it has to be the all time best "accounting related" comedy, Gene Wilder & Zero Mostel are fantastic, I actually have a client just like Zero!! Fortunately, i'm not as easy on him as Gene Wilder!!

How about Hitch, with Will Smith!!  That has an amusing CPA scene!!!




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The producers

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The more recent film with Mathew Broderick and Ulma Thurman is pretty good too

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