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BOOK CLAIMED: Accrual World, by Andy Blackford

Publisher: CCH (Wolters Kluwer)

Description: Conceived almost two years ago, this novel a picture of a world brought to the brink by the collapse of the financial system, showing remarkable parallels with real-life events in the process.

Accountants have been forced underground by the rise of extremist political parties and a loss of faith in the financial system, and amidst the madness, guerrilla accountant, Alan Gold struggles against the regime.


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Gina Dyer | | Permalink

This book has gone to a willing reviewer now! He'll be posting his feedback once he's read it.

Check out the other threads in the forum to get your hands on some of the other books that are still up for grabs.

My review

istephens | | Permalink

Thanks to accountingWEB for sending me the paperback of this novel to review. 

Sorry it has taken me a while to finish this relatively short book.

Is this a comedy?

A tragedy?

An adventure thriller?


Or a science fiction style "what-if" study?

There are certainly elements of all these genres.  There are a few LOL one-liners.  It allows us glimpes of the death of society as we know it.  Some of the time it is a yarn about our hero trying to save the world.  But it has  a few unlikely sub-plots, which detract from the main thrust.  In places it tries to show a little of what life could be without all that we accountants contribute to society.

Yet the book is too short to fully develop the possibilities of the basic scenario postulated early on.  I certainly wanted to read on to finish the story, yet I felt short changed at the end.  Perhaps a re-write into a much more substantial tombe could be done.

The book is also available as a free download at

Go on, read it for yourself and comment here.


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