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Book reviewer required

AccountingWEB has got its hands on Mark Wickersham's new book "Effective Pricing for Accountants" and is looking for a member of this group to review it.

Let us know if you're interested - the book will be yours to keep, but you'll have to give us a review in return.

So far others have said: "This is a truly awesome book", "Stunning" and "If you are in the business of accounting, you're going to love this book."

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I am up for this

FirstTab | | Permalink

I will do this Robert. Please send me the book.

Effective pricing for accountants

JDUFFYCA | | Permalink

-- Jim duffy

I would be pleased to review this book

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Did anyone review this?

Becky Midgley | | Permalink

Rob - have we sent this out to anyone yet? If so, have they managed to read it? Would be keen to hear what they thought and whether they would recommend it to the community.

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