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'Enterprise Social Technology' by Scott Klossosky

'Enterprise Social Technology' is probably the one book that business person wanting to get to grips with online networking should read to understand what's happening with sites as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Zynga, or Bebo.
Despite being totally American in outlook, it does concede that the days of hard sell are giving way to a much subtler approach, and that social networking now allows for the sometimes uncomfortable process of ranking people and companies for differing values.
The book explains very clearly how the popular social internet sites translate into the new soft sell networking medium for PR and marketing approaches that first attract interest and then funnel visitors to buying products and services from company web sites.
Grit your teeth. The read is actually quite a painless. It is a very organised read, and probably even ‘collectable’ in that this is an entirely crowd sourced book. Scott Klossosky (CEO and writer) had the ideas and is the aggregator. Project manger Corey Travis explains how the chapters were established and how eleven authors (expertise and biographies given) contributed. Even the cover (Christopher Biggs) was crowd sourced.

The chapters cover setting social technology goals, assembling the team, governance policies and importantly integrating social technology with your website. It then deals with the importance of building an information river, integrating social tech tools into sales, on-line reputation management and implementing crowd sourcing.
Finally the ROI measurement process, assembly of an organisation's social tools, developing pilot projects, security and regulation and implementing strategies for the 12-step process are considered.
As to the future of social technologies, ten are listed, starting with standards improving ease of use, which will soar. Connection addiction will be a norm and a centralised communications control system is needed and will emerge.

Location based connections will change how we network and immersive real time information flows will change everything. Crowd sourcing is going to change social dynamics, as the ability to rate people will cause havoc, then harmony. Virtual worlds are scheduled to make a comeback as game dynamics (the method of grabbing someone's attention and keeping it) move into the real world.

Enterprise Social Technology. Helping organizations harness the power of Social Media, Social Networking, Social Relevance, by Scott Klososky. Greenleaf Book Group Press. Crowdscribed 277pgs. RRP Hardback £12.50.


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