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Fred Geke – Dare to Dream Again!

The realization of one dream marks the beginning of another dream. Just because we are about to obtain a much – longed for dream does not usher in the season of lying about, but the beginning of another challenge.

The wedding day may be the happiest day in a couple’s life, but the challenges may have just begun. We expect a dream beyond the dream. Some people’s greatest dream is to get married and have a family. They achieve that and then begin to wonder why they are no longer excited about their wife and children.

True dreams are self-renewing, and tend to lead to the next step. It is like going up a spiral staircase. You cannot see the end but at a very turn a fresh set of new steps appears.

If this year your biggest dream is/has been to get married; what then after marriage? How will your marriage complement the call of God that is already on your life and the life of the other person!

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